When to Budget?

Did your parents or school talk about money in your life? If not, this is a totally NORMAL question to ask. 

When should I first start to budget?  

Today, especially if it is before the beginning of the next month? If it is PERFECT! This is a great time to start because a budget is all about planning and planning where your money goes. 

It is just like telling your kids what to do and telling your friends what you are doing for the week. Tell your money where it is going and do not let it tell you that it is going to fees, late payments, huge loan rates,etc.

  • Budget: Before the beginning of the next month
  • Savings: Automatically when your paycheck is directly deposited.
    • Go into your direct deposit and make it automatically come from there that way you NEVER see it even in your regular account!
  • Spending: This one is actually really hard for me…but in the last year it’s become easier and this is you can spend whatever you want because you budgeted for it!!!  If you go over, I have taken it from one spending budget and put it to another. 
  • Investing: Start now! It is never too late – even a small 1% – 5% is better than nothing.
  • Paying Debt: Start now with MORE than the minimum. Cannot afford more than the minimum…let’s start a coaching 1 on 1 session! Check out our Shop

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