5 Reasons To Have a Baby Fund

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We have two dogs right now, Gemma and Harbor, who were in our wedding. I love these two with all my heart, but they do cost money. With vet bills, shots, food, toys, and treats it all adds up and is in our budget each month and we figure kids are going to be an additional cost as well. Lets start with the 5 Reasons to have a Baby Fund.

1. It is motivation for my Husband to Save.

2. New outlooks on life

3. Leaving a Legacy

4. It is not all about us anymore.

5. We are a planner.

We officially saved up our goal of $10,000 for baby Maloney!!

Due January 29 2020.

The baby has been a blessing to be honest. I prayed a lot on God to show up and show us where we were going to find the 10k before January. We gave our normal plus a little more after the wedding and for the wedding. We paid for all of our groommens tuxes because it was my gift to the boys as a bride.


We went on our honeymoon and traveled back thru the 5 states little did we know we were going to have a baby sooner than we expected. Sometime God has a plan that over rules our own.

We found out we were having Baby Maloney end of June.

I created the little piggy bank to surprise my husband we were having a baby!! Super easy and cheap!! Stickers and piggy bank from hobby lobby with a 20% off coupon = under $15.00

He was well…surprised!!! 😄

Now to how we saved…

Since we are living tiny; we asked for our wedding no gifts but only monetary gifts. This contributed to a big amount of the baby fund and started Tom’s love for saving!

The rest we were blessed with…we did not tell anyone yet we were pregnant and Toms mom called us saying her and dad wanted to give a huge gift! We were not expecting this and we were able to fully fund our baby fund with these two instances.

It really shows God at work when you GIVE God gives back to you double!!

Proverbs 3:9 – 10

9 Honor the Lord with your wealth,
with the firstfruits of all your crops;

10 then your barns will be filled to overflowing,
and your vats will brim over with new wine.

We are continuing to put into our baby fund savings even though we have hit our goal.


Babies are expensive and we want to be overly prepared instead of under prepared.

We annouced the love to our family and friends that we were pragnant July 4th 2019 with this cute photo with us and the doggies.

Don’t worry…the dogs are happy…just sick of how many time they got told to look at the camera for our 50th photo. 😂😂

The happiness from them was probably because we let them on the couch for the first time! Otherwise they aren’t allow on the couch because its leather.

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