The Bag Lunch Budgeter.

Baby cost are high — we had to learn to save up for Baby Maloney and fast. We had to figure a way to cut cost and quickly to save the $10,000. Instead of buying lunch after lunch, we made bagged lunches cool for both my husband and I to take to work.

5 ways to make bagged lunches cool.

1. Buy a lunch pale that fits your style.

Since back to school is over many places are selling them at a discount. Kroger has them for 70% off…some ring up as cheap at $3!!

My lunch pale is a Purple Paisley hip-hop fun. My hubbys is green. Both of them fit our style.

2. Breaking the bank on eating out is not cool, so that means packing lunch is! (right!!)

People can easily spend what they will eating out for one day for what they will buy for an entire weeks worth of packed lunches.

3. Leaving love notes in your significant others lunch pale could lead for a taste dessert later. (If you know what I mean)

When leaving notes, it makes your money and marriage even stronger. You get to save money which is cool and you strengthen your relationship which is really cool, since MARRIAGE IS THE BEST!

Freebie ideas:

“I left you a special treat today, and I hope you know your as sweet as it is too.” (Drop in some hershey kisses or cookies)

On a Friday…”Date night? Will you go out with me just like old times since we saved so much money packing lunches this week!”

“You’re ham spanking handsome.” 😂

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“You said my cooking was so good last night, I gave you the leftovers today.”

Write little inspirations…

“Smile. You are going to rock this day!”

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“I love you to the moon and back! You are going to do something great today!”

“Share your smile with others today! You amaze me each and everyday!”

4. Time is precious.

Packing lunches saves you time to not have to wait in line at the store, fast food places, or sit down lunches. You can enjoy more of your lunch break and be thankful for all the good you are doing.

5. Saves your waist line

Impulse buying happens. Something fast such as a burgers and fries adds up in calories. Even the pizza from the deli or the “salad” from a restruants can add up to over 500+ calories for lunch. Plus that soda for $2…why not dave your waist line and your budget by following the 5th reason why packing your lunch is cool!

I was able to get my spose on board with packing lunches daily because when we go through the spending tracker together and write down Kroger…$$$, Kroger…$$$, Kroger…$$$, Hardees…$$$, and so forth. I would investigate. Why did you spend this much at Kroger 5 times in a week? What was this? How did you spend this $$ amount? He would tell me I had to eat. I bought a soda, 2 slices of pizza, and a bag of chips. You know what I thought…holy cow we are spending $50- 70 on just lunches a week!

Before I was pregnant, I would eat a sandwich, piece of fruit, and bring 3 hershey kisses to kill the sweet tooth. Plus 2 waters and a snack such, as a granola bar or crackers. This would cost me about $15 a week for lunches.

Once I showed my husband the savings, he was bought into the bringing a pack lunch.

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Eat at the office and fast food

$70 a week, $280 a month, $3,360 a year

Bring lunches from home

$15 a week, $60 a month, $720 a year


$55 a week, $220 a month, $2,640 a year

Now this savings adds up! $2,640 and if it’s both you and your significant other bring lunch that can be doubled savings!!! Try it I bet you’ll be surprised and continue to do it!

My boss and I always bought our own lunches on Mondays. Now the entire team brings their own lunch and we all sit together and talk about life, hobbies, things outside of work!

I think about how much money we have had them save by not hitting up Panera, Noodles, WaWa etc.

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After successfully taking our bagged lunches to work, it was one way it helped us save up 100% for our baby fund – $10,000. It was hard work to say no to impulses like sleeping an extra 10 minutes, having friends ask you to go get something fast and convenient, but worth every penny and “no” answer.

Hope this post helps you find ways to cut cost in your food budget and save for something that is important to you and your life.

Much love,

Believe and Budget

Remember — you can do anything you put your mind to! It just starts with a why and for you to BELIEVE in you!

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