Be a HERO for your budget and do DIY. Take in effect of everything around your house. 

Haircuts and Hygiene 

Instead of going to the spa, do your own nails. It is as easy as nail polish remover and nail polish!  I am sure you have some around the house!

Haircuts, perfect quarantine fun.  There are so many Youtube videos on how to cut your own hair! If you are in need of money, this is an easy way to cut back and you can always bring it back when you are done with your money goal! 

I cannot even think of the last time I got my hair cut, and my husband he is bald so I won on this! 

Professional massages?  Teach your spouse, friend, or family member how to give a good massage and have them give you one.  Take turns!  

My friend in middle school was the best at hand massages! She would give us all hand massages when we had girls night at her house. 

I was pretty lucky on this one too while I was pregnant with Ember.  Tom gave me a back massage every night after a long 10 – 12 hours on my feet at the grocery store!  I never got 1 professional massage!  Saving us over $100 here too! 


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Everything counts

Think of everything around your home. You have kids.  Create fun new toys with kitchen supplies. 

You do not need to go out and buy new! 

We were weighing out options to buy a mat for Ember to play on the ground for tummy time. I really wanted to buy so many items but living tiny it definitely tells me to hold my horses!

Researching on facebook marketplace, craigslist, and even new! 

One day we were doing some cleaning in the car and my husband wanted to throw this beach mat away that I got on sale last year and I said, “No, this is perfect for Ember to use as her tummy time mat!”   We vacuumed the sand off and it is perfect for her to play on the ground and I can easily roll it up and put it away! 

Hey, and we can use it at the beach when that season comes in a few weeks!

Replacement parts

Sometimes things break down and it gets scary! You want to take it straight to a professional.

Stop for a moment.

Take a deep breath and breathe. 

We had both of our fans break down one week after another. Can I say inconvenient or what?  My husband just did a simple Youtube video and google search on the part. We fixed it within 20 minutes once the part was shipped to us! $20 vs taking it to a shop to get them to fix it.

For us, it is a big deal because we cannot live without our home. Tiny living fun!

Last summer, our A/C stopped working during the hottest part of the season. Tom got on top of the roof and investigated. 

He decided. I am just going to fix it and drink a beer or maybe three!

With a little bit of unscrewing…okay a lot of unscrewing!  We fixed it and cleaned it all up.

Phew…if we would have taken it to a professional it would have cost over $500 and a long wait list!

This only cost me 3 beers!

The last part replacement I am going to tell you about is our electrical plug.  We must have plugged into a park that had a bad connection even with our surge protector.

The bad connection went through the surge protector and to our plug!

Yep, we did not want to cause our home to start on fire but we needed to plug in for the A/C for the dogs while we were at work. Ordered a part off of Amazon and bam. It was our first real problem in the RV as a married couple and it went off without a fight!

Oil Change

Last part of HERO is doing an Oil change yourself for $27.99 or whatever the price is for 5 quarts of oil is in your area.

The quick spot like Jiffy Lube or Take 5 is upwards to $150 which can be done by you for under $30 with even a new filter!

Our friend just was complaining about how much it cost when he went to a quick spot and he pulled right on thru and refused the service.  Once he saw Tom complete the oil change, he said, “WOW, I didn’t realize it was so easy and I was going to pay over $100 for this again?”

Yes, my friend.  I am here to tell you, you can save money and DIY.

If anything during this quarantine, I have learned we all need to slow down and breathe.  Don’t go, go, go, but enjoy what is right in front of us with what we have.

I gave you an easy way to remember how to save money by using the word, “HERO” now whenever you think of hero you will think of haircuts and hygiene, everything counts, replacement parts, and oil changes. 

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