5 Tactics to Save Money while Purchasing Expensive Items

Ever want to purchase something that was expensive, but did not have the money right away and on hand?

Yes, me too!

While it was much easier to purchase things that were costly when I was single and by myself. I would just save up and go make the purchase.  It was easy – I still remember my “big” purchase of the kitchen aid I always wanted when I just got out of college.  

Kitchen Aids are expensive people! 

Don’t even ask me where it is now…

Collecting dust in my moms basement for the last 3 years since I moved across the country.

Success! You're on the list.

It did not fit in my 2 door cobalt when I was moving and they are heavy too so I cannot just take it on the airplane!

Okay, but now let’s go to married life.  This calls for communication, thinking, adjusting, and more communication! 

I am sure if I went off to buy something for over $100 without my husband knowing he would not be very happy and it goes the same the other way around. 

It is not controlling of us.

It is out of respect we communicate big purchase items. 

I want to share with you how we as a family purchase big ticket items together and do not have any fights doing it!

1. Make a Wish List

How did we come up with this?  I was telling my husband he sure wants a lot of things.  Whenever he says he “wants” something I type it in my phone.  It makes shopping for his birthday, anniversary, Christmas a lot easier.  Plus some of the items are small. For example, he has wanted new sunglasses for awhile now and I found a deal and went for it! Saved over 50% on a name brand pair! 

Now we make a wish list of items we both want together on our budget. It is actually quiet fun!

As you are making your monthly budget or adjusting it weekly talk about things you need/want in the future. These are not emergency things of course, but things like around the home, for the pets, kids, each other, etc.

Something on our wish list…canopy tent, new tires for car, compact/portable grill, kitchen sink remodel, kids mat, pet beds, RV Mattress…

So this brings me to the next step!


Wish List Printable

Wish List printable to help your dream expensive purchases come to reality! You will receive the printable via a PDF for you to print at home!


2. Start Saving/Budgeting in the Wish List

Savings is important to do for big ticket items because you want to make sure you really want/need the item.  

Is it good for you financially right now? 

Is it going to benefit your family?

What joy is it going to bring to your life?

Then of course you can budget accordingly so say one item is more important than the other then you would save for that item first and place it in the budget in the coming weeks/months. 

This is where our next step comes in.

3. Be Patient

Oh my! There are so many times where I have to tell my husband to be patient.  I will tell him do we really need this or will it just be something that sits and creates dust?  He does the same to me… especially when I want to buy Ember clothes!  We balance each other out really well. 

It is the same for when you are trying to save money on food and one of you wants to go get Starbucks (me!) and my husband says we have coffee at home. Let’s just go home and you can have your “fancy” starbucks. Which let me tell you it is really off brand coffee, milk, sugar in a reuseable starbucks coffee cup. We have Easter and Christmas cups – I get to choose that! 

Just be patient! Maybe you will even find out you didn’t really want it or need it and it comes off the wish list!  This has happened to us especially once we start researching items!

4. Research

Do your research on the wish list items.  Find out if the item you really want have good reviews. 

If they are bad review why?  Maybe there is a better one out there. 

I always ask God to give me peace about the item and ask him to show me the best before buying.

We write down a lot of stuff usually. It is our brainstorm notebook of stuff we want and are researching.

My mom always taught me to do a pros and cons list. This has come with us in this research process too. Sometimes we find that the cons outweigh our pros and we completely do not get the item and it gets off our wish list.

Other times, we keep searching and know for fact we want it. Which brings me to our next tip. My favorite and I am sure it’s yours too. Thats why you are still reading, which I love that we can help you and your family!

5. Find a DEAL!

If anyone you know me personally, I love me a good deal.  My family often tells me I am the biggest penny saver there is, but hey!  

I love to save money and find a good deal!

Here is the deal I want to tell you about today… this is just a small recent one, but there are so many! This one just comes from the top of my head.

On our recent as you read above is a canopy tent, why do we want this and why is it valuable to us?  We live tiny as most of you know if you follow us on Instagram and are subscribed to our newsletter.  If not, join us! It is fun and we send updates that are a lot of fun!  While living tiny, we spend a lot of time outside and with our new baby, Ember, we do not want her to get bit up like we did last year.  We live on private property by a pond which brings big nasty mosquitoes.  We want to be able to be outside without having to worry about her getting bit and us too! They hurt and we don’t want to smell like bug spray because this means more water and more dumping our tanks, which is more money since we have to travel to dump them. 

Canopy Tent

Our first research we found a Coleman Version canopy tent that was $289.  I cannot remember where, but I think it was pretty much everywhere Wal-Mart, Amazon, etc.  We said we were going to wait because the bugs are not that bad yet.

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Well…guess what! 

I prayed and prayed for God to show us wisdom and deals on our wish list and he sure did show us!

Camping World sent us a magazine of all their summer sales.  There was a Canopy Tent for only $189.  I did research on it on Amazon it was 5 star rating and everyone love it.  Easy to put up, big enough for 4 adults, and sturdy for rain storms.  Win, win – because on amazon it was $200. 

But wait there is more…

We also had a $15 off coupon for camping world.  

That brings this Canopy Tent down to $174 and since we dump our tanks at Camping World every two weeks this will be easy to pick up and save money on! 

So just like this you guys.  Make your wish list, start savings and placing it in your budget, be patient, research, and find a deal!  

You will come on top of your finances!  

Do not put big ticket items on a credit card. 

Do not hide big purchasing from your spouse they will find out.  

If your single, do not put a bunch of clothes on credit cards (you will have to pay it back later and instead of a $45 jacket it will be over $100+ with 26% interest!)

Thanks for sticking around for the entire article on how to win and save money on big ticket items!

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Thank you for being apart of believe and budget family.  We appreciate you and your kindness.

God is good.  He will bring us favor – believe it!

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