4 Step Process

Complete this 4 Step Process to Create a Financially Stable Journey. 

If you have followed us for awhile you know that we stay on track with these 4 easy steps to build our net worth month after month.

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1. Believe

You must believe that you are not the reason you have the income you have or you have gotten to where you are because of you. It is because God has a plan for you and He will make it possible for you.

We have not reached being debt free because of ourselves, but because God increased our income. He decreased our debt. He gave us opportunity and opportunity and more opportunity. He closed doors that were not suppose to be there. And opened other doors that where better.

When the times and season where rough. We prayed, prayed, and prayed, but not only that we thanked him for what he had done in our lives. Thank him for the little things that do not mean much to you, but to another person means everything! If you want to check out the blog post about starting out of day right read it!

  • Have faith and know God’s way works
  • Give from your heart
    • Animal, Hospitals, Diseases, whatever you believe
  • Believe in yourself you can do it day by day
2. Budget

If anyone has told you that budgeting does not work, please do not listen to them. They are probably broke!

Budgeting works. Why? How? Because you have a plan for your money. Because you have goals. Have you ever been at work and not had a plan to do for the day? I bet that day you did not accomplish much or you looked at the clock it was 5 o’clock and said, “Wow, I did not get what I wanted to get done today.” Why did that happen? Because you did not have a plan. A budget is just a plan for your money that is it, and it works.

Do you think Warren Buffet budgets? Hell yes! Did you know that he is one of the top millionaires that donates! Yep! He is! He budgeted to donate that much money too to things he believes in, which brings you back to believing our first step!

  • Monthly – Create a plan
  • Weekly – Follow up with your plan
  • End of Month – Follow up with plan and see where improvements need to be made
3. Pay Debt

Debt it is rough. It causes people to lose sleep. It causes people to get divorces. It causes so many horrible things well besides your credit score. Oh, America!

I challenge you to talk to someone not from America and see what they think about America and how to “live” the American dream. It is all based on debt and credit scores. This should not be the case, but it is.

I challenge you to pay off all your debt student loans, consumer debt, credit cards, refinancing loans, car loans, boat loans, etc.

God made us to not be slaves to the debtor, which did you see that. He wants you to believe and he will bring your net worth higher! Are you trying to do it all yourself? Or you believe God got you! Do you have faith?

  • Pay more than the minimum to increase your net worth
  • Find ways to earn more money
  • Discover a way out fast
4. Save Money

Matthew 25:14-30 – the parable of the three servants.

God wants us to save your money that he gives to you and invest it to double it. When you are faithful with his money and a small amount of it. He will give you more and more of it. He will give you more responsibilities.

  • Start with $1000 in your Emergency fund 
  • Increase your Emergency fund little by little each month
  • Invest your employers match plus a little

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