102 Ideas For Money Goals To Grow Your Networth

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  1. Save $1,000 for an Emergency
  2. Save $5,000 for an Emergency 
  3. Save $15,000 for an Emergency
  4. Save $20,000 for an Emergency
  5. Invest $100 with Betterment (a robo investor)
  6. Invest $250 with Betterment (a robo investor)
  7. Invest $500 with Betterment (a robo investor)
  8. Invest weekly with Betterment (a robo investor)
  9. Save $10,000 for a Baby Fund. 
  10. Save $15,000 for a Wedding
  11. Save $15,000 for College
  12. Create one Pizza Night a Week (easy + frugal)
  13. Taco Tuesday (easy + frugal)
  14. Meal Plan 5 – 6 nights a week
  15. Volunteer one time a month
  16. Go for a walk daily (health wellness; saves you in medical cost)
  17. Go for a run 3X a week (health wellness; saves you in medical cost)
  18. Go to a park and enjoy nature weekly
  19. Go to the Library once a week or month (free books to check out + wifi)
  20. Spend less than $100 every season on new clothes (4x a year)
  21. Spend less than $100 a week at the grocery store
  22. Spend more time at home weekly (spending less money)
  23. Enjoy the things I already have (be content)
  24. Always go to Target with a list and stick to it.
  25. Buy a car with cash
  26. Sell my car with a payment
  27. Use cash from selling my car to pay off loan + build a car expense fund
  28. Buy a piece of furniture with cash 
  29. Buy a boat with cash
  30. Buy a 4-wheeler with cash
  31. Buy a RV with cash
  32. Buy a motorcycle with cash
  33. Save and buy an outdoor pool for the kids with cash
  34. Save $5,000 for a dream vacation for the family
  35. Save $2,500 for a cruise
  36. Save $10,000 for a trip to Disney World
  37. Save $1,000 for 3 vacations to national parks
  38. Go to a state/national park each month
  39. Make free memories each month and take photos
  40. Spend one times less on my highest spending category
  41. Save money and compare my car insurance
  42. Save money and compare my internet cost
  43. Save money and compare my cell phone bill
  44. Cut out one subscription I do not use
  45. Cut out all subscriptions monthly; pay yearly and save
  46. Only use one streaming service subscription (pick one – Netflix, amazon prime, Disney +, CBS, NBC, Apple, Hulu)
  47. Plan date night one times a week on a week day plus look for happy hour deals
  48. Plan one date night a month that is on the weekend to enjoy (budget for it!)
  49. Decrease expense to become a SAHM or SAHD
  50. Know who is the emotional spender and how to improve emotional spending (partnership)
  51. Know who is the number person and have them nerd out(partnership)
  52. Invest for long term – just start with your employer
  53. Invest +3% more in your employer 401k
  54. Max out your Roth IRA
  55. Invest into a Roth IRA
  56. Start your investment
  57. Start a health savings account with your high deductible health plan
  58. Start to decrease expense like easy stuff that does not make me happy
  59. Reach FI (financial independence)
  60. Increase my income by 5%
  61. Increase my income by 10%
  62. Find a side hustle
  63. Sell 4 – 20 items a week from my side hustle
  64. Sell things that do not matter to me around the home
  65. Start a business to increase my income
  66. Learn about tow employee benefits that I can utilize
  67. Take advantage of wellness benefits that I can utilize
  68. Save 5% for kids college in a 529 Plan
  69. Save 4% more for kids college 529 Plan
  70. Open a 529 Plan and put $25 a month away to start (slow and steady wins the race)
  71. Pay less for college than average (collegeboard.org)
  72. Do not get into more debt – stay content
  73. Stay out of debt. Live within means.
  74. Have a gap year with college to pay cash for college.
  75. College should be a return on investment – pick a college I can afford
  76. Appreciate your time without buying something
  77. Window shop and do not buy when going into stores
  78. Place items in online cart for 3 days before deciding to buy item (need vs want)
  79. Live tiny to cut the decision making of spending money
  80. Live tiny to live less and spend less
  81. Live tiny to enjoy the things you have already
  82. Save money to go to across the country
  83. Do not buy convenience items at the gas station
  84. Stop at the gas station 2X less and decrease convenience purchasing
  85. Sell so much your kids think they are next
  86. Sell 10 items that do not give you joy
  87. Sell big furniture to earn cash fast and pay down debt
  88. Only buy food on the list at the grocery store
  89. Only buy generic items at the grocery store
  90. Have 2 cheap meals a week (idea: spaghetti and rice bowls)
  91. Save full payments for car insurance (6 months)
  92. Set up bank accounts for each savings goal (look for free ones with NO fees or minimums)
  93. Set up automatic payments for bills
  94. Set up automatic payments for debts + a little
  95. Set up automatic savings for each goal from paycheck or checking
  96. Reduce spending by 5% on ________.
  97. Reduce spending by $50 on eating out.
  98. Reduce spending by $50 on clothes.
  99. Save up cash to remodel bathroom
  100. Save up cash to remodel kitchen
  101. Budget monthly before month begins
  102. Follow up on budget at the end of the month
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