Roadtrips Season Coming after the Pandemic…Savings, Tips, You Name it!

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Roadtrip season is coming because everyone is ready to get out of their house, their neighborhood, and relax elsewhere. Spring is here, summer vacations, and who has extra money to splurge? Some people and we even hear a lot of people are using their stimulus check to travel. We love to traveling on a budget and saving money. We want to share with you some of our savings tricks and tips to help you and your family save this season.

1. Pack your own snacks and drinks

What you will love about this?

You get the biggest bang for your buck especially if you have a large family. Even if you are only traveling the two of you. This is a way to lower your travel budget.

What we love?

We love packing our own things to eat because I can usually spend $20 for all the travel snacks, drinks, and food to make for sandwiches. This makes it more affordable for us to use our money towards other things in the travel budget. We aren’t spending $25 for each fast food stop.

How to get started doing this?

Go to your local grocery store before leaving for your trip and buy some store brand garnola bars, peanut butter crackers, trail mix usually will be the most expensive range from $5-8, bread, jelly, peanut butter, and drink packets for your water bottle.

With a few more dollars you can get sweets too like animal crackers or gum. Gum helps you keep your mouth busy while just sitting in the car. Keeps your mind off of mindless eating.

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2. Gas apps

What you will love about this?

Saving money on gas that is rising!

What we love?

Being able to fill up before the next state knowing it is a .50 cent difference on gas! Especially because we fill up our car and our RV! This easily saves up $10-30 each fill up!

How to get started doing this?

Download gasbuddy, and start the perfect step up for your savings while on the road!

We are currently testing out another new app too called, GetUpside. It gives you cash back when you get gas! There are so many people use this app in the debt free community.

3. Rest stops

What you will love about this?

Not having to say “no” we cannot get this snack or we don’t have it in our budget. It eliminates decisions. It elminates no. It elimates it all, but still serves you as a place to stretch legs, get out to use the restroom and fill up water bottles.

What we love?

All of it. It is the best for our family! It allows us all the be on the same page for our budget while still traveling!

How to get started doing this?

Look up rest stops along the way and prep yourself to stop at them.

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4. Groupon & Savings Websites

What you will love about this?

You will be able to do touristy activities within a smaller travel budget. Your family will be able to experience more and have more fun with less cost!

What we love?

When we go to the ocean, we always find ways to go on Groupon and fimd local deals. Whether it is swimming with the dolphins, riding jet skis, scubba diving, and even going to local restaurants. We just have to look and find the gems! Sometimes we look weeks in advance and sometimes we look last minute. Its treasures of memories.

How to get started doing this?

Download Groupon or living social app. Google “deals in ___place you are traveling to”.

5. Free activities

What you will love about this?

The little cost and the adventures created.

What we love?

We’ve learned living in a few bug cities that there is always free things to do. We love to find and travel to cities that have free festivals and free summer activities. Think you need a lot of money to do these things. You’re wrong! That’s what we love about it.

How to get started doing this?

Google “free activities in ____place you are going to___” You will find just what you need!

Start loving your life and travel within your budget! The next chapter of your lives, what are you going to create?

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