50 Frugal Or Free Things To Do!

Frugal or free things to do to help your budget and still have fun to make it closer to your goal. 

Want to reach your goal faster? During our debt free journey and now onto our FIRE journey (Financial Independence Retirement Early), we have learned so many ways to cut cost on entertainment and enjoy our life. We want to share with you 50 of our favorites and hope that they will help you on your journey too.

Write down 3 FREE THINGS to do on the budget calendar to help you reach your financial goals!

  1. Nature Trails
  2. Library
  3. Splash Pads
  4. Parks (new park each day)
  5. Lakes
  6. Swimming Pools for Free Swim Days
  7. Library Pass to State Parks
  8. Bike Riding
  9. Google Free Things to do in (location)
  10. Picnic
  11. Groupon Deals
  12. Living Social Deals
  13. Libby Audiobook Time
  14. Explore your Downtown
  15. Museums
  16. Free events
  17. Farmer Markets
  18. Art festivals
  19. History Landmarks
  20. Battlefields
  21. Sunrise views
  22. Sunset views
  23. Free Live Music (covid style online)
  24. Search & Find different flowers, plants, and leaves
  25. Search & Find different art around the city/town
Articles you might like:
  1. Famous cemetery
  2. Famous streets & walk that street
  3. Nature centers
  4. Old Churches
  5. Local Boutiques (window shopping – leave your money at home)
  6. Waterfalls
  7. Bike Trails 
  8. The river
  9. River views
  10. Fishing (catch & release)
  11. Beach Walks
  12. Beach sightseeing
  13. Nature overlooks
  14. Famous landmarks
  15. Take a Sunday drive
  16. Gardens
  17. Chalk up a city in your drive way or roads
  18. Teach your kids how to do a cleaning task around the house & make it fun!
  19. Teach your kids how to be creative with the things around the house
  20. Build a fort
  21. Create a new craft
  22. Read a book
  23. Build a fire & tell stories
  24. Play ball (kickball, soccer ball, baseball, volleyball, etc) 
  25. Draw or Color

Meal Planning

Meal planning that will help you free up money! Helps you shop your pantry, plan your meals, and shop a list that you will stick with.


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