Are you Out of Balance with your Budget?

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Have you felt out of balance with your budget? Let us show you ways you can be intentional with your budget and embrace your budget.

1. Give yourself credit for what you are doing good.

As humans, we love to criticize ourselves and look at what we are doing wrong.  We love to bring ourselves down.  Instead, give yourself credit for what you are doing good at in your budget.  What do you thrive in? Whether you are good at grocery shopping or not, you can make the ability to improve and get better.  Lean into the areas where you need others to give you confidence. Maybe you thrive at being creative with the kids and help them remember the fun times you had making crazy crafts out of things around the house rather than throwing another episode of a show on. When you are feeling frustrated bring your mind to the things you do well at around your home. 

2. Failures needs to be viewed as learning points instead of struggles

Failures are good. Failures help you better yourself. It gives you the angel of a new prospective and ways to pivot your life. Try not to think of struggles as failures because they are not.  If you struggle at sticking to the budget and “fail” each time on your shopping budget. Look at it from a different point of view, instead of thinking I cannot believe I went over my budget again!  Turn it into I know I went over, but what can I change in my ways to make it better next month? Let me figure out why I went over?  Was it an emotional shopping trip?  Was it a just because trip? Was it because I was bored so I needed to find something to do? Figure out ways to get to the deeper root of why you went over the budget. This is known to help you solve it rather than just being upset at yourself to going over.

3. Create fun ways to solve your problems

Math has one answer. 1 + 1 = 2. Nothing else. That is why when you do your budget you have to come up with creative ways to make your budget work for you.  Taking back to school cloth shopping for example, you set a budget for $100.  There is 100 dollar bills you get to spend, right? But the way you spend them can be different.  Solving your problem of getting the most clothes out of $100.  We often need to think of ways we can be effective with the amount we gave ourselves in our budget. We could blow it on one pair of shoes for $99 or we could take a different route. Look at it from a different point of view, maybe you’re not a frugal shopper, but you really need to stretch this $100 now. You find fun ways to stretch the $100 before you leave the house to get the biggest bang for your buck! How you manage to solve your budget problems with create fun ways will be lasting memories for you and your family.

4. Start a new tradition

Do you love to be the funny one in your family? Create a funny budget for your family.  Who says your mortgage has to say “mortgage”.  Instead it can say, “Clown house” you and your family knows what it means in your budget. You don’t both share the love for creating a budget and sticking to it? Find out what each other enjoy and do that. Your spouse spends all the money at the grocery store, but they love to go on hikes? Make a new tradition of making a good old fashion grocery list together while you are on a hike.  They love to hike and you love to stick to the budget. Then when they go to the grocery store they have the list and the remember their hike that they enjoyed as a family. It doesn’t matter if it does not happen every week, but it improves 2 of the 4 weeks you go to the store. You are making progress!

5. Avoid the comparison game

In this day and age it is so easy to compare our lives to others, and that is not what it should be like. Social media makes it way to easy to compare, but note that not all social media is true. Not many people know this, but now I am going to tell the entire world…we went through a miscarriage and to be honest it is/was so easy to hind it.  I really did not even need to tell my family because no one knew I was pregnant.  Only my husband knew, and I am very good at going to God first with my problems.  That is how I am able to be such a positive uplifting person. So on the outside that week, my life looked fun, adventurous, and outstanding, but in the instead my heart was broken, I was sad, and hurting. So no matter what your friends have in their life. In their budget, know that no two budgets are the same. No two lifes are the same. God makes our path of life all different for reasons because we all have different purposes here on heart. 

Learning and developing yourself along the way is a huge part of budgeting. Budget change dramatically over time.  Maybe you are single and budgeting by yourself, learning what you can afford and what you cannot afford. Now maybe your in a family budget with a spouse and a baby or kids learning what you needed verse what can wait until next month. Or maybe your retired and are trying to learn in your budget how to strength the dollars you have saved up for retirement. Making sure that you do not pull your money from your retirement when the market has crashed. It means instead of resisting the changes to embrace the changes and love each moment of your budget. Celebrate your good moments, and use them as bridge to get to the next level in the game of life. 

Ready to help yourself embrace your unique budget and build a more successful life?

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