10 Top Ways to Keep Produce Fresher

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1. Tomatoes

Many people place them in fridge or put them next to banana’s, but do not do this.  We will tell you that when you keep them out on the counter and not place them in the fridge they will last longer.  Also, if you have plenty of tomatoes be sure to go through your produce and use the ones that ripe the fastest.  If you have one bad tomato, it will make all of the other tomatoes bad faster too!  Keep them separate! 

2. Potatoes

This one is one my mother taught me. Keep your potatoes in a dark place to help them not grow eyes.  You can usually have a bag of potatoes for several weeks.  It is best to keep them in the dark because that is how they grow too.  They grow in the ground where it is dark and cool.  So that is the other hint, make sure you keep them in a cool place.

3. Grapes 

Don’t go throwing any grapes away! These should be kept in the fridge all the time, and wash them as you go.  Don’t wash them right at the beginning when you get them.  They will ripe even faster and you don’t want that!  You will want to make sure you check daily when you are eating them and remove any of the bad ones.  Like the tomatoes, bad ones produce more bad grapes!  If your grapes are starting to get too ripe for you, place your grapes in the freezer for a nice cool snack and they will last forever and you won’t have to waste them.

4. Berries 

Any kind of berries remove any of the bad ones! This is the key to keep them fresh the longest.  Of course, you will want to keep them in the refrigerator too. Washing your berries does cause them to breakdown faster, so avoid doing them to keep them fresher longer. The water is what cause them to grow the mold so try to avoid the moisture area of your refrigeration. 

Buy blueberries when they are on sale and freeze them! You will save money plus have a tasty snack later when the price rises. 

5. Bananas

Ever go to the store to find either really ripe bananas or really green bananas?  This is because of the gas they release called ethene. It breaks down the cell walls. Don’t cover your bananas because this will cause them to ripen faster keeping all the gas close by the bananas.  If one banana tends to get ripe eat that banana or remove it from the others.  This way your other bananas will last longer because they are not receiving the ethene from the other bananas causing it to ripen faster.

6. Salad

Your salad is precious and maybe you are trying to eat healthier before the holiday season?  Well, you can place the salad in water to keep it hydrated and it will keep it fresher longer. The worst is when you want to go have a salad four days after buying it and it is brown or starting to have a red color to it.  Give it a water soaking bath to keep fresh! 

7. Celery 

Celery is a great snack.  You will want to place the celery in water to keep it hydrated.  Try not to cut it until you need it.  When you do cut it, it has less life and will wilt faster. If you do have celery that is not as fresh as you would like it to be for a snack, go ahead and cook it up and use it in a stew.  It will allow you to use it in a different way and that way you won’t waste it! 

8. Apples

You often see apples in a fruit basket, but the best way to keep apples the freshest is placing them in the refrigerator.  The crisper drawer is the place you want to have your apples!

9. Oranges

Keep those good old oranges in the refrigerator and they can be kept fresh for several weeks! If you keep them in your fruit basket too they usually are only taste for a couple of days. You also don’t want your fruit basket near the stove because this tends to make fruits and veggies go bad quicker as well from the heat. 

10. Avocados

You want to buy avocados, but want it for week two of groceries instead of week one?  Then you should place the avocados in the refrigerator it will give it an extra week of life! Leaving them on the shelf or your fruit basket, you will need to eat it in a few days. 

You learned a few things about how to keep your produce freshest to save you some money.  You will thank yourself for learning these tips while buying groceries.  When we learned these tips, it made a life of a difference for our grocery bill! 

Like if you learned one new thing about how to keep your produce fresh.

Like if you use one of these tips to keep your produce fresh.

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