5 Best Ways To Be Content – Because It Is CHeaper Than Not!

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Ever struggled with being content? The thought of being happy with the things that are right in front of you. If you have had this struggle, this post is just for you!

1. Stop looking back at things that are over and done with.

I know you may want to change what your past, but you cannot change what has already happened in your life.  You cannot go back and cure the credit card debt. You cannot take back the car that you bought brand new and get full value for it. No one can change the past!

What you can do though that can change your future is stop adding debt to your life.

Stop trying to think about the what if I had this. Stop trying to buy your friends or your kids love. It doesn’t work! Trust me!

I had parents who were divorced. It didn’t work at all. I decided a long time ago money cannot add to your happiness.

Contentment comes from inside you. Right now.

Enjoying the moment you are in with what you have already. Not with what was your past or what is in your future.

Have you ever wished for something that you have right now or you are living in right now? I have! I dreamed of living tiny and now we are living our dream! We have to remind ourselves to be content with what we have and that we choose to live this lifestyle!

2. Give up that same s***y attitude

Always go back to I cannot do anything right or I will be happy when.

Get yourself out of thinking like that. It does not help!

I know, I have been there. In the moment when I was suppose to be the happiest. The moment that I wanted so badly, but the thing is that I’ve learned and want to share with you. It’s alright to start over. To start fresh.

To remind yourself, you will have a bad day.  Your kid will have a bad day. Your spouse will have a bad day.

But with the grace of God, he makes miracles called days.

So when it’s a new day, make it a new you!  Make it a new attitude. If you fail at it for a moment try again, and say at least I’m not where I used to be. I’m on my way!

1 Peter 3:11 “Give up your evil ways and do right…”

3. Follow the path of Gods way

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Sometimes we get stuck trying to come up with plan A, plan B, and even plan C! When really these are none of the paths we should go.  We try and try and try again ourself and get frustrated. We get mad and stressed. When we tried to leave where we were living, we tried every single state, called every state park, every job that opened. And every door closed! Every single door! I was so frustrated.

Until we sat down and prayed and God made it so easy for us to just stay where we were and be content.

  • He opened doors for us to have free utilities.
  • He opened doors for people to help us when we didn’t want the help.
  • He filled our broken hearts with love and friends.
  • He filled our prayers with hope.
  • He filled us up full! So full we couldn’t imagine it.
  • He made it possible for us to pay off our RV 100% on one income. From an over six figures to less than six figures income.

I’m telling you listen from my experience.

God wants the best for you. He will have people reach out to you when you need it most. He will have you read articles you need most and fill you up with hope!

The lessons learned… there are easier ways. Take little steps towards God. He has a great path. Open your ears to him. Look up to him. The Holy spirit is right there with you waiting for you. You will be free!

4. Unlock the happiness feelings with a key of happiness

Unhappiness is easy. It can continue to come back so easy to be negative and unhappy. There was a point where we needed to hang out with different friends because they were not what we desperately needing in our life.  We needed something else.  It was not magical but hurting our life.

The key of happiness takes practice. Keep practicing. Go to a place that is a happy place for you. Hang out with people who make you happy and not people who you complain to. You don’t want those people in your life, but people who bring sweetness to your life. How does this add value to your life and add contentment? It does because there is a deeper issue that is making you unhappy. A deeper issue that is making you not content. You must find it and it might take a long time, but keep trying. Find the right key and open the lock!

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5. Put your stuff first. Care for it. Give it value.

We want everything right now. We want it to make us happy, but the thing is it only makes us happy for 5 minutes maybe an hour. The worlds been busting us from the start. People go to work to figure out how to get us to buy more. How to get them richer and make us come back for more. Over and over again. I mean look at this thing that recently came out… Afterpay, sezzle, Klarna, quadpay. These apps are buy now. Pay later. Or buy now and pay less now. Pay in payments. This is adding to our none contentment.  It’s teaching us poor money management.

I know I get it its convenience to pay 4 payments of $27 instead the full time at once, but think twice when you do it.  It is making the rich richer and the poor poorer.

One thing I’ve learned personally, nothing satisfies us more than the things that we already have. Caring for the things around us with love. Fixing up what we have. Loving what we have before it is loss and too late.

I remember one time when I wanted this new car and I even bought it, but I was still in love with my old car. I took care of my old car with love, tender and care. The weird thing is my head turned down the new and the dream I had. I enjoyed being content with the old! Believe me you will be surprised for yourself!

I remember that I’m small and my story is just my story, but I know the big guy uses it to speak to others.  I struggled with being content during our money journey, and if this article didn’t help you. It sure helped me when I needed it most!  It reminded me I have everything I will ever need…God, God’s plan, and to trust God with it all! Those 5 things helped me remember this today and brought me back to my place of peace! So I thank you for reading, sharing because God can use my story you continue to help the hurting.

1 Peter 3:11 continued… “…as you find and follow the road that leads to peace.”

Did you know depression has increased over 50% in the pandemic?

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