4 Top Questions About Retirement

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Do you dream of living your retirement traveling or not having to work the rest of your life? I am sure you do! Many people do! We did! If you want to be successful in your retirement we have something just for you! We want to share with you 4 top questions about retirement that could save you and help you reach your dreams.

Let’s talk about retirement for a moment…
It is so important whether you are 20 years old or 50 years old to be thinking about retirement.

Investing is important to grow your money and eventually it will double over-time and then triple! Especially if you do not touch it.

Please, please do not take out of your retirement to live your dream! For us to live tiny full-time, we did not take out of our retirement.
We did not do that to live this lifestyle! We did these things:

  • We are 100% out of debt.  
  • We invest and are still reinvesting our dividends to grow for us.
  • We still are investing during this season of our life.
  • Mainly God is providing each and every step of our lifestyle and our journey.  
  • We could not do this life without him! 
  • We are moving our small businesses to the next level.
Should you invest before you get out of debt?

Personally, we invested as soon as I knew that time worked magic for your money.  I started investing my sophomore year of college in a Roth IRA, my first career, I opened up a 401k with them and a health saving account to start investing, and yes time has been working for us.  My husband started investing the year we got together in his 401k and in his health savings account. 
If you are still in debt, I would figure out a way to place a portion of your money in your budget to invest.  You should start with your employer and find out if they have a match and take full advantage of it! Next, look into a Roth IRA, IRA, and a Health Savings Account.

Should you hire a financial advisor?

Yes, you should. You should see what your money can do for it.  Unless you are a professional money expert, you should hire someone to handle your money. 
I have had financial advisors look over our money and I am a money/budget expert. They all tell me, “Wow! You are in excellent shape at your age.  Keep doing what you are doing!” It is good to hear this confirmation from another professional with another set of eyes and viewpoint.

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What is a financial advisor and what would they do for me?

A financial advisor helps you manage your investments and will receive a payment for their service.  They look at all your money usually in buckets and evaluates your money situation.  They will ask you everything from your debts to your assets.  They think about your short term and long-term goals.  They will help you grow your money and give you advice on where to place your money for your future. 

What kind of questions should you ask a financial advisor?


  • What can you do for me and our money?
  • What kind of fees are associated with your service?
  • Where are the fees at with working with you? Are they up front or are they based on how our investments grow (commission)?
  • How many times will you follow up with me during the year?
  • Will you reevaluate my assets?
  • What experience do you have with working with clients?

The best way to find a great financial advisor is to start asking around to your family and friends.  Most of the time you know someone who is a financial advisor who will treat you right and have the best of intention for you.  

If you don’t feel comfortable asking around, we can help you!  My cousin is a financial advisor and works with me and I would be happy to recommend him to any of my readers. 
I hope this helps you in your investing adventures and looking for a financial advisor. 

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