3 Steps to Improve your Grocery Shopping

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Parents who just need to take time for themselves and pamper themselves. A mom who wants to get nails done for themselves. A dad who wants to buy a new game for themselves to play. It is a blessing. This is the power of 3 simple steps and I am so grateful to share these with you that have been powerful in my own life, but how I know they going to be powerful in your own life too.  Be proud of the things you have overcome the most! The process you are in right now…improving your grocery shopping. 

1. Shop your pantry first

If you do not feel comfortable shopping your pantry, I want you to take a deep breathe and know that you can do it.  This is the one step in your journey that can change your life!  Shop the things that have been on your shelf for years.  Shop the can that you have not used for a few months and let’s open the can and crush it!  Broken items? Crushed items? Half used items? Let’s use them up and make our home better! 

Box of rice? Box of stuffing? Bag of Knorr of the chicken rice sides? Rice A Roni?

All of these things…could be true in your home. 

Each one of these can be used a side for your dinner this week!

It might be a rough, long time coming, but using it up will feel so good. 

You will feel better using up the things you have.

2. Write down your needs at home

Think you do not belong here? Well, this is a huge turning point for your grocery budget, and will save you from any inflation that happens.

You are amazing! This is your jumping off point!

It is a step that will improve your budget even with inflation of prices.

Write down all the items that come to your mind that you need on a piece of paper.

There are so many things that will happen at the store that you will pry think I need this, I need that, mhmmm this sounds good.

Remember you might give up. Remember you might need someone else to believe in you.

I have been there in the store, and the season where I just buy everything in the store.  My husband often tells me. “stick to the list” “stick to the list!” I am the one who will buy everything that is a deal! If I can, which brings us to the next point.  Let me inspire you in the next step! 

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3. Only buy what is on your list (unless it’s a bargain deal, markdown, great buy)

Even if it is a bargain.  Even if it is a deal. Do you already have it at home? Can you make a meal out of it? Do you want it or need it for a receipe? All of the above?

A harvest will come when you stick to your list. You will save so much money by sticking to the list.  It is easy to give up.

It is easy to think you are not enough.  The feeling of I will always be broke. You are not going to always be broke! You are reading this and wanting to improve yourself and that is already a turning point!

I love when people come to us because I know you can overcome this broke phase.  Your setback that you are in right now will bring you out even better and bigger! 

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