How a Side Hustle, Unrivaled Wire Wraps, Gave Us Opportunity for More.

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You are stopping by here because you have a side hustle or you are wanting to start a side hustle.  I am so glad you decided to join us because a simple side hustle helped us for more opportunity. My husband’s side hustle that helped us, Unrivaled Wire Wraps.  Unrivaled Wire Wraps is a business he turned his love of rocks, minerals, and stones into helping people see the beauty of them by creating jewelry. Let us inspire you to take a leap in your side hustle to give you and your family more of what you want. 

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Lose the fear

We had to lose our fear of not being able to make it for the 6 months without a job. I feel like God keeps on testing me with my faith.  The first time was 3 months without a job for myself, and this time it was 6 months without a job for our entire family. You guys we prepared ourselves financially for these months before we quit our jobs 100% both times.  We had a big emergency fund cushion. 

I have learned that we have to be like kids and lose our fear that we are not going to make it.  God does miracles each and every day and he has done them so much in our life. Yet, we still doubt and try to trust just ourselves. 

Just like God led Moses and the Israelites in Exodus.  The key verse that was pointed to me was Exodus 33:12 “…lead these people to the land you promised them.” Exodus 33:14 “…I will go with you and give you peace.”  We need to stop living in fear and trust and know that he will give us peace. 

I can remember when I lost the fear of taking the step out.  It was our first big show in Richmond, VA.

A pop up market

We signed up to show off our side hustles, Unrivaled Wire Wraps and Believe and Budget.  

I wanted to plant seeds with Believe and Budget because I know and understand that not everyone loves to talk about money.  It is actually a big topic people are scared to talk about because they either live paycheck to paycheck or are in so much debt that they do not know how to get out of it, so they keep spending and spending.  This is alright because one day they will figure out that they need help and will remember us and build a connection with us to work with us. 

Unrivaled Wire Wraps is what was our real money maker.  I still can remember that day when we were driving in the car back home to pick up Ember. I am the money person, so I was counting the money and we hit $500.  I was like “Babe, we sold $500 worth of jewelry!” oh wait, let me recount, “We sold $515 worth of jewelry!”  We have ourselves a true way to help us while we travel full-time! That was just the start of it too!

Accepted as Workcampers

I cannot quiet remember if this was before the show or after the pop up show, but it all happened in one day.  We applied to work at a state park in Utah in 2020 and well coronavirus became a thing and everything was locked down, so we reached out to the ranger and told her we are going to stay put in Virginia for now. 

As 2021 came around, we kept applying and applying for workcamping positions and never hearing back from places or we were told no.  Okay, so I said to myself, “God is just closing doors it’s not time yet.” Well then we were told to reach out to a private campground in Keene, NH , Ashuelot River campground.  We had a phone interview with them and it went well.  They called us back later that evening and accepted us.  No lie, an hour later, the state park ranger from Utah called us and said, “I received your email and would love to have you join us as our third camphost!  We already have two which is what our campground needs, but we are doing an expansion and would love to have an extra set of hands to help us in preparation.” You guys, in 2020 they had zero camphost, and then in 2021-2022 season when we were going to join them they said yes to us even though they were full.  We prayed and accepted both positions the next day. 

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Signed up for show after show after show

After the pop up market in Richmond, VA, my husband kept applying and applying for show after show to make money for our family as we traveled up to NH.  Then we were able to travel from NH to Utah because of the extra income we made from Unrivaled Wire Wraps.  Yes, we had our savings, but gas prices woah! Are a hit to the budget!

It was amazing what one weekend would do when we would make over $1,000 from a show. You guys this was more money than we were making in a week with my husbands regular job. Yes, we did not have a show every single week, but it showed us that God makes miracles happen. 

If you are wondering if you should take the next step in your side hustle and start it to increase your family’s income.  The answer is pray about it, and most likely God will open doors for you too and give you a yes.  You must be smart with your earnings though.  Like in Genesis 41:35 “…during good years…store it in the cities.” Meaning during your working years or your months that are doing really well.  Store up your money so then you can live off of that money. Your dreams will come true! 

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