10 Ways to Save Money for Halloween!

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Don’t have a bunch of money to spend for the holiday? Why over think it with an expensive holiday to bust your budget? Here are 10 ways to save money plus things we learned during the 2020 quarantine- halloween!

Halloween might be different last year, and that’s okay. We learned from it to save extra money for the holiday. This entire year is normal and we are surviving little by little with pricing rising! Some say we might run out of candy, but Hershey says otherwise. Yes, we are including our quarantine-halloween in these hacks because we all need a little firecracker and we learned so much from 2020!

1. Homemade Halloween Customes 

Make your Halloween from the items you have around the home.  I know what you might be thinking, really? This is going to save me money?  But it really does save you money!

Past customes we have done are…

  • Peas in a pod (wore green and blew up 3 balloons)
  • Grapes (wore purple and blew up a bunch of purple balloons)
  • Dorthy
  • Princess
  • Witch (use a broom you have around the house, black dress, shoes, fun socks)  
  • Charlie Brown and Peppermint patty (A dress I already had and a yellow shirt with black duck tape)
2. Buy Candy when it is on Sale!

This is huge and can save you so much money!

Kroger has a huge candy sale every year and you can stock up on candy that you are handing out! (If you were following us on Instagram we share when the deals happen since we worked for retail for over 10+ years!)  You can save so much money doing it this way! 

Other big stores who have mega candy sales too CVS, RiteAid, and Walgreens. Shop around and find the best deals! Apps make this so easy to do so now! We use the Flipp App to find money saving deals!

What we learned during quarantine -halloween: You want to still stay away from people? Use a pcp pipe as your candy deliver or something that is long that can slide candy down it! It makes it fun for the kids too. Decorate it and have fun with it!

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3. Shop thrift stores for decorations

Thifting is so much fun for each holiday change out, but even more fun for the fall holidays.  Go to your local thift shop (goodwill, thift world, etc) find decorations to make your home feel like Halloween!  This gives your atmosphere a brand new look and helps you feel better too!  While of course staying on a budget and not busting it!

Then when you either pack up the holiday items you bought or give them away you do not feel bad that you spent hundreds of dollars on just one season!

A small change like this is a perfect fit — the change of towels to fall color hand towels for the kitchen!

4. Buy apples on sale (prime season)

Apples, apples, apples!

They are the snack of the year!!  They are often on sale since they are in prime season.  Make them a fun snack with adding peanut butter, honey, or any other kind of dipping you can use. 

You can even make it a fun halloween activity on a budget by going to an apple orchard supporting your local business. It is so fun and you do not need to feel left out of the fun fall festivity. It is budget friendly!

5. Be creative for a Halloween party 

Have a yard?  

Have a bonfire that you used all summer for your Halloween fun!  

  • S’mores
  • Cute little ants on the log
  • Lady fingers
  • Slim punch
  • Witches stew

You are easily able to use what you have around the house to have a Halloween party!  We love using pinterest to save money and have fun with our parties!  I bet you have more things around the house than you think!

6. Put Halloween in your Budget

Halloween is not to scare the budget.  It is the same day each season.  Hopefully this season we do not get snowed out! I remember that one year we were snowed out of Halloween!  They had to postpone it.  We still went out for halloween last year around the block to people we knew.  That’s why we added it this year to your money hacks for Halloween!  


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7. Get romantic and go on over to dating divas for some haunted fun!

We love following dating divas on instagram for free printable ideas for the holidays!  She makes dating your spouse fun and exciting! Even if you have found yourself in a boring relationship — you can spice it up! God wants you to have a great marriage because marriage is the best!

What we learned from 2020…

The news talked about how Halloween should be social distancing for children last year, so hey we learned some fun things that can be fun for kids while not missing out on the fun during 2020. That are still cool to do to save you money!

8. Zoom Halloween

We all want to dress up and have fun, and well if you want to zoom your friends and family to show off our halloween outfit — you can! Call your friends via zoom to show off your halloween outfit. The plus side is we won’t have to worry about if it is too hot or too cold for halloween!

This is quite easy for us because our family lives in all different states, so we have found this to be a norm for each holiday. We all set a time and zoom to each other to catch up and see each other. This is good for an early halloween party or to show off your halloween outfit.

9. Different Rooms = Different Houses

You will set up each room in your home to be a different “house”. Your kids will dress up and go from room to room and get the trick or treat experience. It will be an experience they will talk about for a life time! I still remember when Halloween was cancelled due to a snow storm.

By setting up each room as a different house, you can use different treats/candy for each “house”. You can have them create the doorbells out of paper and make a doorway sign for the doors. Be creative and have fun!

10. Reuse your Easter eggs and go outside!

Haunted eggs find with candy!

Who says you cannot go trick or treating in your own yard?

Parents here we go put all your candy you bought on sale and reuse your Easter eggs. Pick out the eggs that are halloween colors and use them and hide them throughout the yard. You can do this during the early evening before it gets pitch dark out. How fun!

You could also buy a few glow in the dark sticks from the dollar store and hide them in the yard. It would be like ghost in the graveyard! Each color = a certain “bag/piece” of candy!

Now wasn’t that simply amazing halloween hacks for you budget? Halloween fun doesn’t have to bust your budget and you do not need to overthink it!

Have other Halloween hacks you have done?  We would love to hear them – send them over to believeandbudget.com!

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