How to Transition from Home to An RV?

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How to transition from house to an RV?

We live tiny, and it was our dream! We are living our dream, and I want to share the process with you, because you are probably here wanting to know the how, what, when, where, and so on about living tiny. So, we are going to deep dive into 4 ways to make transitioning from a home to an RV easier.

1. Pile Up Money and Be Ready to Adjust

We moved tiny to save money.

We were both paying rent that was sky high. I was paying $950 plus utilities and with the vaulted ceiling it could get costly. My hubby was paying $925 for a 2 bedroom home. We were both paying pretty hefty rent. What I loved about the home my husband lived in — it had an open floor plan with the couch and kitchen. What I didn’t like — it had a small bathroom. We joke the small bathroom was just getting us ready to live tiny.

Our previous living was preparing us for our future. Look at areas that are getting you ready for your adjustment.

You will want to sell almost everything you have, which is how you will pile up money. Put this money into a savings account. We made a lot of money about $3,000 with both of our stuff. We would have made more, but by the end of the selling process I personally gave up trying to “meet” with people because they will flake on you! Just forewarning!

My entire apartment I gave, plus all the furniture, for a really good deal to who took over my lease. She was in college, and felt like I was suppose to do it. I am glad I did because she was so appreciative of it, and it made it easier for us!

Giving your stuff away isn’t a bad thing; you will be blessed in the future for it!

Adjustments made, yes, we did. I could have been stressed about selling every little thing, but I didn’t. We gave a lot away too! It is really your call. It will feel good to downsize, which brings me to the next point.

2. Downsize more than you know

People think it is easy to just move tiny like a drop of a hat, but it isn’t.

Personally, the move to tiny living wasn’t a big deal for me because I had moved across the country with only the items in my 2 door cobalt plus my mom traveled with me so it was only the items I could fit in the trunk and backseat. I lived in a bedroom for 2 years and the one house I rented from the bedroom was smaller than our bedroom now in the RV. I always said, “I only sleep in the room so it doesn’t matter.”

For my hubby, he is over 6 ft, but enjoys the space.

3. Be ready to clean

We keep it tidy because its so small.

  • It’s hard to leave dishes in the sink.
  • It’s hard to not clean up the clothes.
  • It’s hard to have toys all over the floor.

I throw on the ground (Hehe — my hubby’s pet peeve of mine) I have always done this my entire life. I used to have a butterfly chair when I was growing up it was my catch all, then when I spoiled myself with living by myself the clothes would go on the floor, closet, wherever they decided to go until I had guests over then I would hurry up and pick it all up. Well today have a little side part of my bed and that’s where all my clothes go because you never know if you’re going to wear it again you don’t want to throw it in the dirty laundry because you can still wear it!

We both wanted to travel the states and living tiny has given us this opportunity. We have traveled so many places and the bonus of it we haven’t had to pack any clothes. We just pack up the house and leave. Sometimes it’s last minute too!

Tom wanted to live in a van. I wanted to live in a tiny home from HGTV. We compromised and chose a 32 foot RV. Space for the 2 dogs and the baby, Ember, which brings me to the remodel!

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4. Make your home yours

We upgraded our dinnette to fit our needs. You can do the same thing in your RV, so many people to follow on instagram who can give you inspiration. People are paying big bucks for remodeled RV’s so might as well make it yours.

Dinnette conversion

The project to convert the dinnette to more of an open space was because I was pregnant soon after we got married. We needed additional space and we weren’t a fan of the dinnette even though it was storage!

Project tips

  • Home depot cuts wood for free! Don’t bother buying a saw if you live tiny.
  • Buy home depot gift cards to earn huge rewards for gas with Kroger. Saving us on gas money!!
  • Budget extra than you think you’ll spend!

Project lessons

We learned from the project that their is always going to be additional cost because things just come up.

Cost for remodel

  • Wood
  • Screws
  • Stain
  • Stain primer
  • Paint brush
  • L hooks
  • Measuring tape – already had
  • Electric Screw driver – already had

Overall, we paid around $100 for the project.

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