What to do in Grand Teton National Park while on a Budget?

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Grand Teton National Park — it is a beautiful park! The mountains are breathe taking once you see it you will understand too! The formation of the mountains is amazing and then the glacier lakes next to it add to it. Since it is a national park — there is so much to do on a budget! Let me share with you what we loved doing and you will love it too!


1. Stay for free boondocking — Spreadcreek

There are so many places to stay for free while in Grand Teton National Park while having a view of the mountains! If you do not already have the app, we suggest downloading the Free Roam – boondocking app. This app has given us so many good resources on where to stay for free!

While we were at Glacier National Park, we were between 2 boondocking spots. The first one was Grassy Lake and the second was Spreadcreek. We chose Spreadcreek because it was further down on our drive and it made our next travel day not as long.

The views were breathe-taking and we got to see so much wildlife – foxes and wild horses!

We stayed there in October so it was chilly at night, but it did have about 5 other campers. If you plan to go during season, I would plan to get there early and then go explore!

2. Hike — Jenny Lake

The main lake Jackson lake was sad, so we did not do that. We were told by a local to skip it due to the water levels. They recommended this spot and it was a gem — Jenny Lake!

It was such a good decision with young kids. We did part of the lake hike and then turned around, but we also got our Christmas card photo here and it was joyful being here. We skipped and danced on the trail and it was really fun! The trail is called Jenny Lake Loop and you can get to it by taking the road. I would not recommend bring in your RV though especially during season.

There is so much to learn at Jenny Lake Visitor Center too. The inside was closed when we went, but they had good signs to learn and read to your kids. Ember loved the bear claw!

3. Plan to stop along Teton Park Road

Wow — you can see the beauty of the mountains here on this road and there were a lot of horse trails too. So, if you have a horse and you are planning on bringing it this would be the road to check out. We spotted just to stretch our legs with the little ones because we did a scenic drive around the bottom loop.

Here are our favorite hiking boots. I have the grey ones of this brand and love them! They are comfy and great for hiking!

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Take the scenic drive and experience the beauty!

We went there the first part of October right after the busy season. It was a perfect time the weather was not too cold. It was really amazing to be able to see the mountains, the colors, and the blue water.

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