Back To Basics Class

What is holding you back in your budget?

A budget is the foundation for getting out of debt and when you are finally financially free learning how to stay out of debt and continue to grow your networth! We’ve been in both season of our lives.

Whether you find yourself a budgeting pro when it comes to your money OR you find yourself looking for help when it comes to your budget, we’d love to help YOU! 

Get back to basics with our 6 weeks course that will effectively get you closer to your financial goals!

Let’s get a simple plan of action to move your finances to the next level. This class will be catered to you and include all my original spreadsheets that even I personally use. I will coach you on being true to yourself and assist you in learning the basics of budgeting!

We will cover all aspects including your expenses, debt, and income. I will share my personal setbacks and achievements along with well-known programs and ideologies that work, as long as you work it! I am willing to commit 1 day a week for 6 weeks to help you dig yourself out a debt, what are you willing to sacrifice! It will not come easy, it is a commitment for sure, but I am here to MOTIVATE and ENCOURAGE YOU to get on the right path for YOU.

This service is a combination of my printable downloads and coaching sessions. Great for an individual who are looking to learn more or looking to improve their money.








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What is the investment to change my life?

The investment you will receive is professional and fun lessons to move your finances to the next level. We have several different payment options to choose from and will work with you and your budget.

FREE BONUS: You will also receive customizable and printable worksheets! A VALUE OF $50

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What does the curriculum look like?

We have designed an achievable and practicable process to guide you through each week. We will set goals throughout your financial journey, celebrate the wins, capitalize on opportunities, and identify setbacks.

Here is a preview of what we will dive into each week:

  • Week 1 – Dreams and Goal Setting
  • Week 2 – Budgeting
  • Week 3 – Savings – Emergency Fund and Long Term Goals (Investing)
  • Week 4 – Follow up on Budget from Week 2 and Debt Pay Off
  • Week 5 – Close out the months Budget plus Celebrate Achievements and Blesses
  • Week 6 – Calculate Networth and Set You Free To Succeed on Your Own 

By the end of the course, we will have a plan to get you out of debt and on the path to financial freedom! Believe it or not, we will have fun! We will exceed your expectations!

Why should Believe and Budget be my budget coach?

You have many choices in how you handle your money. I am here to let you know my method will move you to where you want to be. Personally, I have experienced debt and lived paycheck to paycheck. I have a positive outlook on life which has played a huge part on increasing our networth. The tools I provide you are the exact ones we use throughout journey. I am a motivator. I make it fun! Everyone has different values and we cater your budget to your values.

I am ready, how do I sign up?
  1. Submit Payment below via PayPal or via Venmo Kailey-Maloney5419
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  4. We will keep in touch via e-mail and text.

I am ready, I cannot pay in the full amount, but would like to attend the next course.

We will accept Venmo in full, two, three, or six payments plans. Our Venmo is @Kailey-Maloney5419.


Join today for $99 to save your spot.

Plus one payment of $250 within 60 days after your first payment or before week 1 of class (which ever is first).  Your first payment will be non-refundable.


Join today for $99 to save your spot.

Plus two payments of $125 within 60 days after your first payment or before week 1 of class (which ever is first).  Your first payment will be non-refundable.


Join today for $99 to save your spot.

Starting a weekly payment plan of $50/week.  Your first payment will be non-refundable.

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