This question is self explanatory but I will help you understand that we must start somewhere. WHY would we want to have the dark cloud of debt following us around during every step in our daily lives?



There is not a right way to do it, but there is a lot of wrong ways to do it simply because most people do not shoot for progress. I am here to guide you in your journey and provide you tools and resources that helped my friend, family, and myself. No two journeys are the same, but together we can figure out how to make your journey work for you!


Check out somethings I budgeted for each month! In OCTOBER it’s pumpkin spice and everything nice. For NOVEMBER we give thanks, and eat a lot. We all know DECEMBER can be joyful, but expensive. When the New Year comes around in JANUARY it’s a new me! Love is in the air in FEBRUARY, and so is buying shiny items for your loved ones.


No one teaches us when to budget. Just go for it, learn to budget and start today! If you have been thinking about WHEN, the time is now. Do not let another paycheck control you and have no direction.

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