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Have you dreamed of being debt free and living a financial stable journey? Want to build wealth and your future to come living your best life with faith and mindset? Let us tell you our journey and you can learn from us. We help bring people on a journey of wealth and a future legacy through their faith and mindset.

Believe and Budget is all about believing in yourself!

Believing in doing something good for the greater world!  Planning similar to how you plan for vacation, the weekend, or a girl’s or men’s night out on the town. Believe and Budget is also about motivating, teaching, and coaching you so you can enjoy a financially stable journey to share to the next generation of your family and friends!

My name is Kailey.  I love to share my passion of believing for the greater good, building positive relationships, budgeting the money we are given, and watching people enjoy the life the good Lord gave us as an outcome.

Younger years?

I became so interested in budgeting, finances, and believing from growing up.  I grew up in a household that was well off then well life happened.  My parents did teach me about money a little bit. My dad and mom helped me open my first bank account — free checking! My dad taught me to use a credit card only on gas to build up my credit and pay it off 100% every month! My mom bought me my first car — an old grandma car guys don’t get too excited about it!

Where money hit hard?

My parents got a divorce, my family did not talk much about the finances and kept us living a life we were living like when my parents were together.  A life where we could not afford – Christmas’s were still big, school activities were still 100% in our lives, and even more I played on a select team traveling from state to state.  I did not know any better until my dad started to open up about money when I was in my first year of college.  I could not believe what he would tell me.  I thought to myself, how could he not afford to send me to a private college and why did I need to get a loan?  I was so spoiled with living this way…however, in my mind, I was not going to change my decision… I still went to the private college to play soccer anyways. After my first year, reality hit and I did not want to be living a life that I could not afford and not get myself out of.  In one day, I applied to a public college, transferred, and moved in with my older sister and her husband.  That year I took a financial class to learn more about finances and paying my debt while I was still in school. 

College home run and well DEBT…

Being taught in college about finances changed my life! I had the debt — I needed to get out of it! I got out of it faster than lighting. Then began wanting to do something more with what I learned. It enhanced me to want to motivate, teach, and coach others to make this game change in their journey too!

Can you do it to?

Living beyond your means can STOP now in your generation and even change the rest of your families journey too! 

How can we help you?

Most of my family and friends come to me about these common themes, which is why we have created 5 easy headlines for your access:

  • Budget – Starting a Budget
  • Believe – For the Greater Good
  • Pay Debt – Starting Now
  • Save Money – Begin Sooner Than You Think
  • Shop on a Budget – Financial Tools to Help

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Mint – Started using this in 2013 before I graduated college, and added my spouse to it the year we got married in 2019.

Capital One 360 in 2016 it is FREE for the savings accounts. Multiple savings accounts for easy an online envelop system.

Reading Daily Devotionals by Joyce Meyer

Biggest Inspiration – My parents

Daily Habits – quiet time, walking, and writing in my journal

Investing – We set our automatic contributions and forget it with Betterment. Review it 4 times a year and Betterment does all the work for me! Thank goodness – it’s been a lifesaver!!!

Ibotta – Love the deals without cutting coupons! Want to earn money back that we work hard for?  It is easy to use especially since you can link up your Kroger card plus use Scan, Bag, Go at Kroger and get to see Ibotta deals, Kroger digital coupons, and save money!

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It is hard. It will take time.  It will take time just like sleep training a baby, which we are in the process right now in our household.  It is exhausting… but we can do it. It is horrible letting her cry in a less than 300 sq ft home, but I know we can do it.  I continue to pray for help and remember that the Lord has given me a baby and he will deliver me in this time of trouble. Lucky, we made it with only 3 rough days and I’m here to tell you you can do succeed too!

Positive Thoughts Achieves Positive Actions

We all want the life of someone else, the body of someone else, and the money someone else has to be happy in life, but what if I were to tell you it is not about all the materialistic things, and the Pinteresting, the Instastory, or the Facebook post.  We all want a life to pass down to the next generation and our children.

The funny thing is why we budget is just as important as our thoughts and actions we have in life to have a financially stable journey.  We want to have a life where everything goes the way we want it to…

How I paid off 32k of Student loan debt fast!

Did you do what the “world” told you do to? Yes, so did I. I went to a private school my first year of college. I will admit I took out student loans because it was the thing to do. It was okay. It was “NORMAL.” I played soccer on a scholarship and went out of state.  It really did not help me in the financial world. Here is what I did and you can do it too to build your net worth to be positive instead of negative! 

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