Save Money


In order to BEGIN we need to realize where our money is going! This article is an eye opener and may be a tough pill to swallow but is a must read.


Just like when you want to lose weight, eat better, be successful in school or your job. We need goals. We set up a goal to have 10k saved up for our baby fund by January 2020. GOALS are a necessity when saving money. Setting them create a sense of accomplishment when we reach them, and they are a self-motivator.

Travel Tips while paying down debt or even if you are debt free and want some tips to save money!

Cut cost to save up for your financial goal — 5 Ways to Make Bagged Lunches Cool.

Starting a family? It is exciting, but babies are expensive and times can be tough! Start savings for a Baby Fund!! It is a must!

Visual Tools

Everyone learns differently. If you are a visual learner, you will love my digital downloads. Graphs and tables help me understand and see a timeline of my success. VISUAL TOOLS helped me want to crush my debt and save my earnings faster since I could literally see my progression.


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