Save Money

For many of us, saving money can be difficult because we want instant gratification and things right away. Here at Believe and Budget, we show you how to start saving money to saving up for certain goals, and even holidays!

Shopping or Things to Do

Let us teach you how to become a pro at shopping and finding things to do for a deal to stretch your budget and allow you to do the things you love to fill your life. John 10:10 states God wants you to live a life of abundance and we fully believe that!

Grocery Savings

Grocery’s can be the biggest budget buster in your budget, and we are pro’s at grocery savings well because we’ve had over 12 years of experience in grocery retail as management. Let us show you our secrets.


In order to BEGIN we need to realize where our money is going! This article is an eye opener and may be a tough pill to swallow but is a must read.


Just like when you want to lose weight, eat better, be successful in school or your job. We need goals. We set up a goal to have 10k saved up for our baby fund by January 2020. GOALS are a necessity when saving money. Setting them create a sense of accomplishment when we reach them, and they are a self-motivator.



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