8 Tips to Help You on your Target Shopping Trips

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Target is a very dangerous store for anyone, but especially momma’s. We can go in there and send easily $100+ dollars and then we are like what? How did that happen?  I am 99% sure you’ve had this moment in Target too. Well I have definitely!  I am going to tell you how to avoid and stop yourself from spending over $100 in Target my friend and stop feeling guilty for doing it.

1. Avoid the store all together

This is easier said than done especially after we all have been cooped up and been through the pandemic. However, I said it if you cannot stop yourself from spending over $100 at Target do yourself a favor and avoid the store.  You will save yourself from the guilt of the “oh no, I spent it again.”  “Oh my spouse is going to be mad at me.” “Oh, great! Another bad month in the budget because of Target”

I get it we all love Target, however I have store that I have to avoid all together too. Old Navy is one of them.  I should not be able to step foot into that store without someone because I could buy it all. I love their clothes!

2. Call someone to tell you to talk you out of the purchase

Key trick here! Personally, I wanted to get a new quit for our bed because I am just sorta of bored of grey.  However, I would not have thought that if the quilt were not on clearance.  It was only $34.99 and the pillow covers were $9.99.  This is a great deal because originally it was 89.98 all together and I could get it for $44.98.  This is more than half off!

However, I took photos of it and sent it to my husband.  I left the quilts on the shelf and started walking to other parts of the store to get it off my mind.  My husband called me and said I really like the quilts but do we need it? 

He was right.  We don’t need it.  I just wanted it. He talked me out of it, and I spent less than $100 in Target!

You have to take a photo of it and send it to the one person who will talk you out of the purchase. It works!

3. Only get what is on your list

If you know that you need something and you go into target. We must stick to the list.  If we go in there for a new outfit.  What part of a new outfit do you need? Are we looking for new shoes? Then only look at the shoes.  

What if we only go there for someone for food, stick to the list. You got it. Trust me!  Write it down and write on the list “STICK TO THE LIST.”

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4. The $1 bins – ya – pick up what you want at the beginning of the trip and drop it off at the end

I did this the other day. I was fighting a one year old.  Ember and I had to go find something to do for an hour because dad was going to go dump the tanks and get propane for our tiny home.  Well she did not want to sit in the cart so I bribed her with a Minnie mouse book and some flash cards. I worked and you know a one-year old time span is only short anyways.  At the end of our trip, I put both items back and she was okay with it. 

This can happen with us as adults too.  We put it in our cart and really see if we need the dollar item and if we do not we can put it back at the end of the trip.  

Folks, it is right by self-checkout.  You can even put it back in the exact spot you took it! 

5. Ask yourself do you really need it? Or is it just a want?

This is something I always do and it comes to mind because we live tiny.  A lot of things we cannot get because we just do not have room for it.  You might feel discouraged if you cannot get it because you want it and do not necessarily need it.  However, if you say no to something that you want in say Target.  You will be able to say yes to something else even better later!

Think about it.  If you just want it like I wanted those new quilts for our bed.  I may not see what God wants in my life in the moment because I am so focused on the quilts and wanting them.  But if I put them down and say, “nah, I do not really need them right now.”  God is going to move mountains in your life later because he promised something even better because you had the courage of saying no to temptation.

It really does work.  Try it sometime and then see what happens.

You know what it did for us that day, we were driving home and my husband called me.  He said, “My new card for capital one did not work the second time, so I called capital one and they told me, well looks like it should be working.  It worked on the other purchase you just made.”  My husband then went to the salesman at camping world and said, “Oh, man. It must be our machines again.  They are new.  We are just going to let you have this for free today.”  So because I said no to the quilt I wanted and avoided that temptation because man did I want it so bad!  God blessed us with a free inspection for our home. 

6. On Clearance? Just keep going…just keep going. You are content with what you have!

Target is so hard to shop even for me when they have clearance items.  I could not stop wanting to buy everything on the shelves.  I knew I had to just get out fast!

We have to keep telling ourselves.  We do not need any of this.  We are content with what we have.  Just keep going… Just keep going.

Walk away my friend. Walk away far away! 

7. Take a photo of what you want and come back to get it after you think about it

Another little trick up my sleeve for target and how to avoid the $100 trips is to take a photo of what you want.  If you do this, and then see if you really want it or need it after you get home.  You can go back there and get it another day.  I promise you it will still be there, and if it is not.  You really did not need it, which brings me to the last tip.

8. Leave and go home. Come back in a week.

If you drive home and leave the item you want and come back to get it in a week and it is not there.  The trick is you do not really need it. It is amazing at how many times I have done this in my life with a lot of things.  It really makes me think about my purchases and spending money. It has helped me even say no to things that are just so hard to resist to buy too! 

Try it sometime.

Hope these 8 tips to help you not spend over $100 at Target help you.  They have helped me and many of my friends and family members avoid the temptation and guilt of overspending. You can do it momma and avoid the disaster of over spending at Target. 

You want to start managing your money better. Even if its a little bit. Start today let me show you how in a 1 on 1 remote coaching session. I would love to help you get started!

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