We all seek for knowledge, insight, understanding, and feelings.  We want to know why we exist, why we are here in life, and we want it now. We want to see results fast, so we can provide a wonderful life for the next generation most likely our children.  We want to have a financially stable journey in our live…

…to feel a sense of peace and balance in life.  

We concentrate on this thing called money and it controls our life.  It controls the way we talk, the way we make friends, and the life we tell our family and friends.  

Learn to be happy on the road you are on now. Let us help you start a budget today!

I have loved my financial journey.  I have learned more and more each and every day because…

…it is a journey.  

It is not an easy journey, and if anyone tells you it is; they are lying.  Life loves to throw curve balls at us all from doctors’ bills, family issues, broken household items, and even a thing called divorce.  Even when I think I have it all together; I had a plan, saved up money, paid cash for a big purchase, and then fear comes knocking in.  The fear of not having an amount of physical money had me going in fear.  My mom had given me understanding that God has taken me down this financial journey because He knows I can build my savings back up and do great things again to make the world better!

This is called the fear of money and it takes on the TWO biggest needs to be fulfilled as a human. Starting out, we need food, water, and warmth which takes MONEY!  Our next need is safety and security and this also takes money.  We need to know, we will have an income or enough knowledge to get a job.  

[[ We as humans cannot live without…food, water, warmth & safety and security ]]

With all we seek in life, we want to be able to have a financially stable journey.

…to enjoy our life while we are here.  

We want to be remembered as a legacy. This is why we need to budget our money and not let it over rule us and begin to have the feelings of fear.  Instead plan a budget, follow the budget, and you will find that you have the two biggest needs met to feel fulfilled in life. 

What are your reason why you need a budget? Have you thought about the bigger picture of life? Have you reflected back on the last year, last month, last week, to really see where you are?   Let us know what you want to know on why we believe and why we budget.

Share. Love. Gain Confidence.

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