How to Stop Emotional Shopping

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If you have an online shopping addiction, we have just what you need here.  There comes a point when you are just shopping out of emotion.  The feeling of depression, where you think you are broken, and you are in so much fear. You might just be swiping your card because it “makes you” feel better.  You feel like you cannot turn this around so lets just keep going. But let us share with you some hacks we have had clients tell us work when they are in a spiral of shopping addiction.

1. Track spending
We used a cute journal to track our spending when we first started our debt free journey.

It is scary at first.  We are not going to tell you that this one is easy.  It is not for many.  It is the fear you have been dreading. I know that you belong somewhere better in a better situation, so try it. Track all your spending for the last 3 months and see where you spent the money.  

Ask yourself these questions:

What did I buy? 

“I spent $215 at Target.”

  • What was this shopping trip of?
  • Why did I spend this much money?
  • Why did I need these items?  
  • What could I have done?  
  • Did I value this trip?
  • Do I value the items I bought?
  • Do they give me happiness?

Keep tracking.

List out all of your spending and the store you bought it from. 

To make it easier for you.  You can buy our bullet budget journal to list out all of your spending. It will allow you to lay it all out. 

2. Remove your card

Remove your card from any where online that you have it automatically at like Amazon or Wal-Mart or even your favorite clothing store. This extra step that it takes you to grab your card out of your purse or wallet is a good one to break a habit.  It will allow you to really think about your purchase. So remove your card from automatic on any retail store online or well Amazon.

“That extra step to have to grab my card helped me slow down my shopping.” – Client

3. Make a wish list
Purchase Wish List

This will teach you contentment.  

People tell me making a wish list is the BEST thing they learn on their journey of financial freedom. They use our Wish List printable and write down all the items they want to buy that is over a limit they set.  We usually begin with $50, because $50 hurts when you spend it and you see it from your bank account.  If it is less or more for you, you make it personal for you.  What hurts when you see it in your bank account when you do not plan the purchase?  You will have to go the extra mile to really think about your purchases. 

A great way to really teach yourself a new habit.  It is so good!

 “He stayed where he was TWO MORE days…” – John 11:6

“…anyone who walks in the daytime will not stumble, for they see by this world’s light.” – John 11:9

This teaches us patience just like making a wish list for our purchases.

4. Keep your unused bank cards at home 

Explore this way of action.  It makes it easier to not shopping so much. I did not believe it myself at first, but it really does work!  When I was trying to reduce my spending at Starbucks at work, I kept my card at home and brought my lunch.  I had no choice, but to eat my lunch and drink water.  This helps you if you do not have self-control and you have built a habit you are having a hard time to break. 

The views you will see when you are tracking your spending for the month you do this are AMAZING!

You will not be losing.  You will be gaining big time!

5. Remove yourself from receiving sales notifications

You need something different?  Remove yourself from the situation.  Just like we remove ourselves from a fight or an argument. Remove yourself from the sales notifications you receive in your email.  This will help you not see the “BEST” sale or the “LAST” chance. 

6. Self Talk

You might have or need to privately talk to yourself. Yes, I said it. Crazy talk to yourself to talk yourself out of it.

  • “I do not need this”.
  • “This is containable to not want this.”
  • “I am going to walk away from it.”

This is powerful!  This is called self-control.  This is building a great habit for you and whoever you are being an idol to. 

7. Faith

Have faith that you can improve your online shopping.  

You might have been running and running and thinking you cannot stop.  However, I know you can do it. I have seen people do anything.  Make small goals to achieve and have faith to do them.   The goals could be as small as. Spend $20 less than last week, and continue to spend $20 less, $40 less, then $40 less again. If you do not believe it, then you will keep failing. You will not make it.  But I am here to tell you.

“Faith and you will see the glory of God.” – John 11: 40

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