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10 Things To Do Differently With Your Money This Year!

ou want to eliminate something that you did in 2021 because obviously if you are here you want to improve something in your life in 2022.  Maybe, you want to improve your finances for 2022. Let’s load your mind with 10 things to do differently in 2022 with your money. 

10 Ways We Grew Our Net Worth by $99,000 in a Year with One Income and then Zero Income!

If you want to grow your net worth, but don’t know how I would stick around and read below.  It is pretty incredible feeling to be able to live off a small income and then zero income.  We went from being a family that made $150,000 per year for a year to a family who made $60,000 to a family who made had zero income.  We downsized our life and traveled the country and still grew our net worth by $99,000 in 2021. We want to show you 10 ways we grew our net worth so it can inspire you too!

Need help with your next shopping trip and your budget?

Shopping is a habit for many people. It gives you joy. It gives you an emotional healing. It gives you happiness, but sometimes our shopping habits become out of control. Do your shopping habits become addictive? Do you do it out of emotions? Do you do it out of a bad day? Well good for you, you can learn from us these three easy ways to help you on your next shopping trip and your budget.

How to Stop Emotional Shopping

If you have an online shopping addiction, we have just what you need here.  There comes a point when you are just shopping out of emotion.  The feelings of depression, where you think you are broken, and you are in so much fear. You might just be swiping your card because it “makes you” feel better.  You feel like you cannot turn this around so lets just keep going. But let us share with you some hacks we have had clients tell us work when they are in a spiral of shopping addiction.

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10 Shopping finds from our minimal lifestyle.

Are you going to go Black Friday shopping? Is it even a thing this year? The question is real and it is up in the air, but we do have a few of our favorites to share with you! We live tiny, are minimalist, and love to live life outdoors. Let us show you some of our favorites.

When to Budget?

Did your parents or school talk about money in your life? If not, this is a totally NORMAL question to ask.  When should I first start to budget?   Today, especially if it is before the beginning of the next month? If it is PERFECT! This… Continue Reading “When to Budget?”

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