10 Shopping finds from our minimal lifestyle.

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Are you going to go Black Friday shopping? Is it even a thing this year? The question is real and it is up in the air, but we do have a few of our favorites to share with you!  We live tiny, are minimalist, and love to live life outdoors.  Let us show you some of our favorites. 

My favorite part of budgeting is planning where you can spend your money!!

A budget allows for guilt free and gives you the green light to spend!

So for spenders, happy spending this holiday season! Sis, if you are reading this…this is for you πŸ˜‰ You extreme spender you!

And for those savers like me, it is okay to spend money this holiday especially if you put it in your budget! Do not feel the guilt — let it go!

For warning, many of these items for our minimal lifestyle are not frugal or cheap. We often have placed these items on our wish list, saved up, and placed it in our budget for purchasing.

RV Living

Living tiny has its bonuses like not going out and shopping for things you do not need. We live in an area that is less than 400 sq ft. We have to buy only things that benefit us or have a purpose. Here are our favorites that we use and you might enjoy too if you live in an RV full-time or part-time.

Tiny Living/ Downsizing

When we transferred from a 2 bedroom house and a 1 bedroom apartment, we had to downsize and think of ways to organize our new tiny home. Using storage a new way! Less space, more organization needed! It is fun — think of it as a game of Tetris. There were many things I bought and had to return off of Amazon, but finally found the perfect baskets for every space in our home. These are our favorites!

Baby Shopping

Ember is 10 months old and these are our favorites for her. The 3 favorite toys have been able to grow with her and it has been fun to see her grow her imagination. Of course, these will change as she gets older. The two bigger toys are easy to store away under her pack and play and bring back out once she wants to play.

Money Saving Apps

We are all about saving money, finding a good deal, finding multiple purposes for things we buy so these apps are perfect for those who have that same mind. I mean I get points to go buy myself, mama, a coffee! A fancy one! πŸ˜‰

Money Goals

More than likely you are trying to also reach your financial goals and what better way to gift these items to someone who you are close with or even buy it for yourself for the new year! Lets reach those money goals!

5 Money Book that will Change your Life Financially!

Yearly Bullet Budget Journal

Need one place for all your budgets? You came to the right place! We have been budgeting since High School, and finally found a perfect way to stay on track and boost savings, cut spending, increase giving, and find happiness every month. We got out of $32k worth of debt, fully funded our wedding and our first child plus bought two cars with cash! Use the yearly bullet budget journal to help you pay off debt and save! What you get? βœ“ Printable Bullet Journal Budget Tracker βœ“ 12 months of Budget Trackers customizable βœ“ 12 months of Spending Trackers βœ“ 1 place to track all finances for the year βœ“ Help you budget with the frame of giving, saving, and spending βœ“ Instant digital download βœ“ Nothing is shipped βœ“ Everything is ready when you download it instantly.


Remote Budget Coaching
  • Set money goals that are achievable
  • Positivity driven
  • Uplift your spirits
  • Increase your savings
  • Pay down debt FAST
  • Boost your networth
  • Write a REAL budget
  • Reduce money anxiety and stress
  • Organize and in control of your money
Remote Budget Coaching + Follow Up
  • Set money goals that are achievable
  • Positivity driven
  • Uplift your spirits
  • Increase your savings
  • Pay down debt FAST
  • Boost your networth
  • Write a REAL budget
  • Reduce money anxiety and stress
  • Organize and in control of your money
  • + Follow Up with your REAL budget

Self care

We all need self-care. Some of my favorites are below. Of course, they are mine and not my husbands. We love to spend time outside so these items are a little bit more pricey than you might like to spend my frugal friends. But even though I am frugal, there are certain things I love to spend money on and that is okay! You might love to spend money on something else! Do it — especially if you enjoy it and think of it as self care.

Columbia Winter Coat – We got ours on a huge sale for free!

Columbia Ski Pants – Also got these for a deal!

DΓ©cor to Make your Home Warm

People often think when we live in an RV that it is not warm and cozy, but I can assure you I could not live in it if it was not warm and cozy. Actually as I am typing this up…it is suppose to get down to 28 degree where we are — not warm tonight, but most of the time it is. I love getting decor and making it feel like home where ever we park it.

Things to make life easier

I thought you would love these because who doesn’t love to make making dinner easier? These are my favorites to cook with. Did you know you could cook a boiled egg in 5 minutes in an insta pot! And White Chicken Chili is a devious easy meal to make in the crock pot or even pulled pork! These are two of our frugal meals when the pork is on sale of course! It is often an item stores lose money on to get you into their store!

Meal Planning 101

Cut your grocery bill! Use the meal planning 101 printable to help you SAVE so much money! What you get? βœ“ Pantry List βœ“ Grocery List βœ“ Monthly Meal Menu βœ“ Weekly Meal Menu βœ“ Yearly Meal Tracker βœ“ How to Steps βœ“ Tips βœ“ Instant digital download βœ“ Nothing is shipped βœ“ Everything is ready when you download it instantly


Marriage is the BEST!

Marriage — we were also told is the BEST, and well it is! We follow these two blogs for fun, good, and hearty marriage informations to keep our marriage the BEST.

Dating Divas

Prepare Enrich

Cute Clothes

Even a saver like us, like to buy cute clothes and that is okay! Here are some of our favorite finds lately. Those leggings are like Lulu lemon leggings, but better! The sweaters? Everyone loves good sweater to snuggle up in for the winter! My mom always told me to put more clothes on to save the energy bill, so I guess I save money else where when I buy these goodies!

Shop Christmas differently this year.  Create a new goal and be within your budget.  Set it and go.

Here is an easy way to stay on track of your Christmas buying this year.  We always use an envelop and write down our budget, the people who are getting gifts, the item/store, and the cost we spent until we are all down to zero. 

Happy holidays this year my friends.

You are in control of your budget and you can stay within your budget! Happy shopping and staying within your budget. Remember you have control of how much you spend because you set your budget and you are allowed to have guilt free spending. Give with your heart and warm up others!

If you like any of these items, we would love for you to purchase through us. We appreciate all your support!

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