5 ways to be thankful for where you are financially

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Wonder how far you’ve come financially the year of 2020? It is Thanksgiving day so we want to share with you five ways to be thankful for where you are financially especially in this season of 2020. We’re going to show you how you can be thankful financially.

1. No matter what your circumstances be thankful

If you lost a job.

If you are stay at home mom. I

f you are a working father.

If you are somewhere that you didn’t think you were going to be.

Be thankful for your circumstance today because it is God’s will for your life. You may not understand it right now but you will understand it looking back in a few years.

Currently, I am a stay-at-home mom!

Oh, I never thought I was going to be a stay-at-home mom. I always had on my mind — I wanted to be a CEO of a huge corporation, be single, and be really really rich. But God he has put a different CEO path in my life.

I am the CEO of my family. I have a family and we will be rich together by giving our readers more of what they need to help them improve their financial journey with the Lord.  My husband is the President and the marketer he is the one that plans everything and it he is the anchor to the family financially. In this season, I am thankful of this circumstance because I get to grow and mold our daughter.

2. Figure out your networth

Capitalize on your networth where you are at right now.

How to calculate your net worth? Let’s dive in. 

First assets, figure out how much cash you have in your bank accounts. Write it down all down. Figure out how much other assets you have. Whether that is stocks and bonds, 401k, Roth IRA, your real estate Investments, your cars figure out all of those items.  

Figure out your liabilities. What you owe on your credit cards what you owe on your mortgage what you owe on your car’s what you owe with any loan.

Take what you have for your assets subtract it from your liabilities. And this is your networth right now.

Assets – Liabilities = Networth

Cash – What you Owe = Networth.

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Are you doing better than you were last year at this time?
  • Did you move backwards?

Whichever answer you said yes to figure out why you move the way you did.

Critical thinking right here.

Did you know if you’re paying off your debt that you are increasing your net worth?

Be thankful for the steps you made because you aren’t where you used to be and you are going to go a lot further. Cherish it.

My favorite thing to do is go back to a journal from five years ago and look to see what I was so thankful for financially and what growth I made whether it was so simple like me putting in $25 a month into my 401k when I was in college like that is just so crazy to me I was thankful for $25 a month into my 401k but that’s where I was at that stage of my life so be thankful whatever stage you are in your life.

If you are there, that is okay! Be thankful. You opened a new account — be thankful!

We personally just opened a 529 plan for Ember and she is almost one.

3. Think of what has financially stretched you this year

Whether it was your grocery budget that stressed you because you bought more groceries because people were at home be thankful for that stretch to be able to spend more time with your family close by.

Think of something that has carried you along this year was it your emergency fund? Did you build an emergency fund a little bit extra because of the pandemic?

Did you not even have a fully funded emergency fund but that month that you were out of work you had enough saved so you could live off of?

Were you saving up for something else and you used that money as your backbone? And you were able to think of using the money and understand why you need an emergency fund in times of crisis.

Whatever your stretch was be thankful for it because it has grown you to be a better person for tomorrow!

By the way this is a WIN! You are winning!

4. No amount of money can help you enjoy the moment of family time

Did you figure out ways to have fun without spending money?

That is a financial win in my book!

Maybe you spent more time outside.

Maybe you meant more of your neighbors.

Maybe you lent a hand to someone in need.

Maybe you enjoyed going to a park every single day.

Whatever and your moment of joy with your family was embrace it. Be thankful financially for that free moment.

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5. A new road

Life has a funny way of working. You could have 2020 goals and none of them worked out.

Look and see why those goals for 2020 didn’t work out, maybe it saved you financially. Maybe you were going to get into more debt if you would have made those 2020 goals maybe you would have lost peace. Maybe you would have spent too much money and got yourself into a bind. 

I don’t know why. Only you and the big guy know. 

I do know looking back at one of our big goals we are glad it hasn’t happened yet.  Our goal was to move. I wrote in my journal well actually my calendar three top places we wanted to move. The first place was Salt Lake City, Utah — hello expensive. The second one was Boise, Idaho — hello all so expensive and all the way across the state again. The third place was Knoxville, Tennessee…I so want to move here still. But as of November 2020, we are supposed to just stay content with where we are.

Now do you see with those five ways to be thankful financially, they don’t always have to come around with a number financially.

“Be truly glad there is wonderful joy ahead.” 1 Peter 1:6

Don’t let 2020 stop you from being thankful for your financial step forward. 

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