5 Steps to Keep You Going In The Middle of A Mess

Have you felt like you have been in a valley for a while?

Have you felt like there is no end to this anxiety?

Or the stress keeps rising?

What about if you have not had a victory for sometime?  

Does this sound like you?  

We want to share with you 5 steps to keep you going in the middle of a mess, because frankly you will get out of the mess.  Let’s change your mindset, and follow these 5 steps!

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1. Don’t Give Up Easy

Whether you are starting a new job or even do not have a job. Whether you are on a tight budget or your budget is thriving, but you have other goals that are not coming together.  You cannot give up easily. 

You must keep going.  

Did Jonah give up easy? No.  

He actually refused to accept his mission from the Lord and it caused a storm.  The waves won’t last forever because God takes your storm and teaches you a lesson.  You might not see the lesson until you are done, but it is teaching you a lesson. Maybe you need to find the promise God has given you.

You cannot run away from God’s plan. It is in you! He has called you to this path and you cannot give up easy.  God has called us all to not live as a slave to the debtor.  We need to obey and find a path to not give up during this mission to get out of debt. 

Yes, it can be a war. It can be hard and you can feel defeated! Have you hit your limit?  Good.  Because you should give it all to the Lord anyways.  God does not want you to do it all yourself! Say, “God, I cannot do this without you!  I will not give up!  I know you can get me out of debt!” Say it over and over and over again. Do not give up easily! See past your fears, anxiety, and pain.

2. Stop Comparing & Competing

You can have everything you want!  Why are you comparing and competing with others?  Stop!

God did not put you here to compare to your neighbor.  He did not put you here to be like the Jones. He did not put you here to compete and be better than the person on the #debtfreecommunity who has already gotten out of debt and is building their wealth even further. 

Let it go. Wake up and stop comparing and competing!

Our society is the worst at this because facebook is a liar. Instagram perfect is a liar. People have to learn that you can have all you want and when you get it…we bet that you will not be as happy with it as you thought.

Let me tell you a little story about comparing.  When we first set out and wanted to live tiny.  We would watch every Youtube video about tiny living. We followed every instagramer who was living that life! Saving the money, traveling the world, and it was calling our name!  Giving up all our belongings like God told us to. It was like “WE WANT THAT!”  Our God is making our life beautiful! 

You want to know what is amazing?  

We have that “tiny living” lifestyle now, and now we want to compare ourselves with people who have a house.  A bigger place. Why? Because the devil is always trying to get into our heads to make us feel like we have not won!  

Know whatever you want. 

You can get! 

Stop comparing and competing.  Go the distances it takes for your path! 

Your life is beautiful. Your stuff is what you wanted at one time.  Take the time to enjoy what your money has bought you right now. There are blue skys ahead and there is glory coming!

3. Get Grace

Are you searching for something? For more? A promotion? More money? A job?

Have you prayed and felt like God has not answered?

Paul asked 3 times in Corinthians for God to heal him, but God answered him like this… 

2 Corinthians 12:9 But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.”

God has what it takes.  We always love to do this. Lord, “I am weak without you!”  “I am poor without you!” Because really it is true!  While we are on the adventure again to get debt free we are on the road to keep obeying him. 

Which brings me to my next point. Be thankful for how far you’ve come!

4. Be Thankful for How Far You’ve Come

I have been 100% debt free.  When I was debt free, I gave so much more than we are currently giving.  However, God knows that when I obey him and get out of debt to not be a slave to the debtor. I will bless his people even more.

Let me share some of my blessings after debt-free life. After I paid off $32k of student loans!

I gave my car to my boyfriend at the time.  I did not know I would marry him.  I had not been in a serious relationship for more than a couple of months in 2 years. I was living a great life by myself.  I was debt free, and was living the best life.

But can I tell you something else, that is the “Why I asked you to marry me” my now husband says, “I knew I wanted to marry you when you gave me your car when we were only dating a few months. You were so selfless.” 

What else did we do?  We raised the bar at the wedding because we were selfless.  It was about our day yes, but it was more about helping out people who were in our wedding.  Our pastor.  We gave him more than he expected.  We paid for our groomsmen’s suits.  In all and all, our wedding was less than 10k and God let us bless so many people that day! 

Remember that you rise even more when you give more.  

Remember you are not missing out!  

It is your time!

It is your time to be thankful for what you have!  What you are doing!  You are getting out of debt! Good for you! Praise him!  You are in the middle of this path?  Look back and say, “I have paid ___” and I can keep going!  It is day one and a new start to keep going! 

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5. Believe (you can keep going)

Last point for you all, while we are in the middle of a mess.  This is where your faith grows.  It is where you have to be patient.  You are going up against Goliath?  Good! Believe you can keep going!  Remember David was the underdog and defeated Goliath.

“…Saul said to David, ‘Go, and the Lord be with you.’”1 Samuel 17: 37

God will make you better tomorrow.  He has your future in his hands.  Do not be afraid.  Keep going. 

Know that you can get out of debt! 

You can grow!

He called you to rise above.  Then go and rise above!

Increase your belief and say, “God loves me and He will get me to the next level.”

Do not allow the devil to talk you out of it.  Do not!

You been at the bottom?  Good, now learn from it and let God take you even further. 

Just like watching a plant grow is meditating. #plantmom #plantdad. God is meditating and watching you grow to be more like him! 

Reach out and keep believing in him to make miracles in you and through you! 

Overall, these tips are to help you get out of the mess you are in. To remind you that even though God is silent. He is working. Be dreamers and ask him. You got this with God help. Keep thanking him for how far you have come. You will be able to do it! You will make it through the mess!

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