Ever felt like you’re stuck in a downward spiral, you cannot get out, and you are not going anywhere with life? I haven’t felt like this in awhile, but this whole pregancy thing has got me where the devil has been working on me way too long. He has been winning and I had to remind myself of these few things:

Proverbs 19: 20 “Pay attention to advice and accept correction so you can live sensibly.”

Aka… accept feedback when you don’t feel good about it.

Below are a few inspirations that help when needing to get out of that downward spiral of depression.

1. Keep it simple

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As you know, life is so fast paced. What is the next best thing to get? Posting all the glammer on social media, but never posting the bad. Go. Go. Go. Life. Working long and harder than ever before because you are afraid they may let you go. Companies… if they let you go now it is going to be because of a market crash. The leaders are all in it for themselves, and want to eat it all first. Like in the book I am reading now, “Leaders Eat Last” by Simon Sinek. He reminds me if we work in an environment which makes it harder to earn incentives our desire to help our coworkers become less and less. When this happens… eventually everyone will lose. But if the leaders do it right and fair, and cut back everyone including themselves than a company will win because people feel safe and trusted.

This book reminded me a lot to keep it simple because in the world that keeps going. No one really is going to look out for you but God. God will do anything and everything in his power to keep you safe, loved, and live right.

Hebrews 1:3 God’s son has all the brightness of God’s own glory and is like him in every way. By his own mighty word, he holds the universe together.

❤ A reminder when things fall apart know God will hold you together and keep you up!

In other words, keep it simple by going to God!

2. Positive thoughts. Positive actions.

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If you guys read through my blog, it is not the first time I have written about positive thoughts. positive actions. This saying my mom used to always say it to me especially in college when I was having a hard time working 5 jobs and going to school full time. I am going to bring it back to the inspiration portion. If you tell yourself this saying over and over again you will have a better outcome on life.

“Positive thoughts. Positive actions”

“Positive thoughts. Positive actions”

“Positive thoughts. Positive actions”

One more time… “Positive thoughts. Positive actions”

Any time you feel negative thoughts coming to your mind… say, “positive thoughts. positive actions.” It will get your mind off of the negative thought that was taking over your brain and give you joy.

3. Set it and forget it accounts.

This is a money 101 tip…

Setting an amount of money to go right toward your savings account from your payroll. I did this in college, and now I have brought it into our marriage and it works!

People often feel they are going no where in their finances or just do not want to know the reality of their debt or the fact they are not saving a dime. I will tell you…if you just keep living like you don’t know about your finances you will not get anywhere. How are you going to live when you retire?

Maybe you have not hit the “OHHHHH SH****T feeling,” the “how in the world did we get ourselves in this place feeling.” Or maybe you are really good at saving and you are good with your finances and just hit a slope now.

Most of my family and friends tell me, I am pretty good with finances and getting my hubby on board with being debt free has not been that much of a challenge. However, the other day, I hit a wall and thought we were going NO WHERE with our finances. I felt like we were living paycheck to paycheck, even though we are not. I felt like we were never going to get through my husbands student loans and they were just building up.

Until…I sat down on a Sunday to do my weekly expense tracker, and saw where our money went this week. I reflected in my journal…

  • Hopes and dreams
  • Thankful
  • Prayers

Like I normally do, but today I sat outside and did it while the dogs were playing. My thankful for were:

  • Added $3k in my HSA in 2 months
  • Gave to god this month already
  • Met our 3 – 6 month emergency fund goal in Sept 2019 and the goal was set for Dec. 2019
  • Met our auto goal in Sept 2019…the goal was set again in Dec. 2019
  • From June to Sept. we decreased Tom’s student loans from 18k to 12k

These reflections in my journal reminded me of my set it and forget it accounts and how important they really are.

They are important for times where you feel like nothing you are doing is good enough with your finances. It will remove the devils plan to try to get you off track of your goals — remember God has inspired you to rock your finances especially if you give to him the first of your crops.

More about… set it and forget it accounts…we automatically put in money into these 3 accounts (HSA, Efund, and auto fund.) With these we were going somewhere and we did do good — thank you to these set it and forget it saving habits that I totally forgot about!!

If you have not set up a set it and forget it accounts, please start small with $25 and once you have more confidence increase it and create multiple.

You will be happy you did down the road — just like I was with my reflection!!

4. Taking time for a walk by yourself.

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Right here, taking care of yourself helps increase endorphins!! It is a natural painkiller of stress and depression. As you know, it helps you sleep and so much more! It does not have to be long, but choose to do it even if it is only a walk around the block!

When I got pregnant, I stopped exercising, jazzercising, and walking….let me tell you this was a bad idea. I was really tired, cranky, and always complaining. I realized I needed to get this normal habit back into my life.

Taking the time for a walk helps reflect on life, think about the positive, thank God for the goodness in life, and reduces stress.

5. Write in a journal.

Pin for later… journal notes.

Mentioned earlier, writing in a journal! If you are really depressed and feel like nothing is going right definitely start small.

Hebrew 10:35 ” Keep on being brave! It will bring you great reward.”

Phillippians 4:13 ” Christ gives me strength to face anything”

Thankful for…

Being thankful for simple things such as… thank you for waking me up today, thank you for allowing me to breathe the fresh air, thank you for a roof over my head, thank you for feeding me good food, thank you for letting me work a 9 hour work day, thank you for the people in my life, and you guys get it.

Dream big…

Cast your cares..if you do not ask God…he will not give it to you.

Write down your craziest dreams!

Here are a few of mine and they have come true….

  • Move to North Carolina – lived here for a year!
  • Live tiny – living in a RV with my husband
  • Find a husband who I can start a family with — done and on the way!
  • Become debtfree — done, well yes and no… I married into some debt, so we are doing becoming debt free together again ❤ Soon though!
  • Build a baby fund before the baby comes — DONE DONE DONE!!

Some that are still dreams that are not answered yet…

  • Become a CEO
  • Become a giving millionaire
  • Travel to all 50 states
  • Build a small house on land we own
  • Be happy, madly in love with my husband for 50+ years


Pray for people. Pray for your hopes and dreams. Pray for all your struggles to be taken away by God. Ask god to help you through the winter…spring is right around the corner. Pray for healing and let disappointments open up new dreams!

Other topics I have written in my journal:



Lessons learned…

Bad days…

Good days…

Write it all down. It makes you aware and know yourself at a deeper level. Write new things each day. Notice a pattern. Change it up. Write it all out. Let it all out. It will help you!

These tips of inspirations are to help you get out of the rut, out of the “my life sucks” phase and into a new chapter. Into the spring. God is going to move mountains in your life. He is going to inspire you to do mighty things. Take these tips to find inspiration to help you find God and find yourself. To help you stop thinking about what the Jones are doing, because the Jones are probably not as happy as you think. The Jones are probably not living their best life and money does not always make people happy.

One last thing I want to leave you with is…you are not alone. If you need anything, please reach out to me, a friend, or a family member.

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