Have You Been Through A Storm?

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Have you been through a storm? Have you experience a new level of stress or of anxiety? Do not know what is going to happen next in your life?  We got you covered and can show you all the right ways to go about your storm and calm the waters.   

A storm is a growing period in your life. In the midst of the storm, you are growing and you become powerful when you believe and let go of your control.

Psalm 34: 17 “Those who are right with the Lord cry, and He hears them. And He takes them from all their troubles.”

1. God is with you in the storm

Storms of life are not easy.  They are so exhausting. They make you feel like you cannot control anything.  They can bring you down.  I understand completely.  I have been through so many storms, and as my faith grows my storms become harder.  I remember when my faith was just in the beginning.  I would give an extra $20 dollars and I would see a miracle the next hour!  It was like man, please do that again, but now that I am stronger.  God doesn’t deliver that easy anymore, but I have those memories of those storms. I know God is with me now when they are hurricanes and heavy rain storms. Because he was with me in the tiny storms where I needed to just give a little bit and received a lot.

Recently, a storm that was so big.  I did not know how we were going to pay rent the other month.  We over spent.  My husband kept telling me. Oh, I will work overtime.  I will sell something.  We will be okay, but sitting down and doing the finances.  I knew that we were not okay!  We were going to have to dip into our emergency fund, and it was not for an emergency!  But God showed up in the storm.  Our landlord, offered us to use our credits for utilities for our rent payment that month.  He made it work when I knew mathematically it was not going to!  We were short.  We were out of our budget, but God is in control.

2. Find your connection

When you feel like you are failing. When you feeling like no one is with you.  When you feel like you don’t know how you are going to make it.  Find God and cry out to your connection.  Shoot for the stars on this one.  Find your hopes.  Find your reason. You can do this, and get through the storm with the right connections.  Do not give up.

Your faith should be your number connection.  

Psalm 34:17 “The righteous cry out, and the lord hears them; he delivers them from all their troubles.”

God helps those in their troubles whether it is financially with your budget, you are trying to grow your networth, or you are trying to be healthy and still have your groceries in budget.  God helped so many king who were wealthy.

Put your trust in him and connect with him!

If you have never had a relationship with him, that is okay!  He loves to deepen relationships with people. 

If you have a relationship with him, but feel like he’s not showing up.  Trust me – he is there.  Talk to him daily, hourly, every time you need.  He is your foundation.  You can always build your bones back up.  The doctor tells me to just drink some milk!  

Our heavenly father tells us just to talk to him and build a connection with him. 

3. Nothing can stop the peace coming your way

I always know when I am trying to do all things on the earth myself and lose sleep, lose control, have anxiety, and I am feeling down.  I know I am trying to hard myself and without one person. That is when I let go. 

You can go on a walk by yourself.  

Go to the gym.  

Go have a cup of coffee.

Snuggle your pets. 

Build your selfcare routine. 

Selfcare with your budget?  How do I do that?  Easy – build a routine you love!  Whether it is sitting on your bed, with a fancy pen and fresh pad of paper, or your favorite budget journal.  You can build a money selfcare routine.

Want to know mine?  During nap time, I sit on my bed with my klove music on and deep dive into the excel sheet– the yearly bullet budget journal and see how much our networth has increased, where we have decreased our spending in the yearly summary and where our goals are headed.  I also love to see the blessing that have happened throughout the year and the last year! 

When you let go and do your selfcare routine.  God shows up.  You will have what I call a God moment when only you understand that he is showing you a sign, showing you peace, you feel all your heavy weight on your heart just easy up.

Yes, you can have peace.  Yes, you will be able to see your glory everywhere on earth.

Psalm 72: 19 “Praise be to his glorious name forever; may the whole earth be filled with his glory. Amen”

4. Let your guard down

You have to do this one in the middle of your storm.  Let your guard down. Ladies and gentlemen, I know this is hard.  It is hard for me too!  I am not going to say it is easy.  It has been hard since the beginning of time with Adam and Eve.  

Trust the history and the bible.

Trust the way it works out.

He will be fair with everyone.  When you are good, he will be even better.  That’s why you always hear at church, give and we will do so much more with your money that you could imagine.  It is true because God shows up even more.  I heard on the radio this morning that this guys favorite part of his job was that he gave away cars to people who needed them!  When I heard that I was like Oh, my I want that!  I remember when I did that with my boyfriend…now husband. 

Psalm 72:7  “In His days may all go well with those who are right and good. And may there be much peace until the moon is no more.”

The only thing I will ever do is tell you what God is telling me to tell you. 

People tell me you cannot be wealthy and have faith.  God only blesses those who are poor.  I will tell you right now – that is 100% not true!  God helps those who are wealthy too.  He has helped so many kings, but they have to let their guard down.  They cannot have too much pride.  They have to know that they themselves cannot do it by themselves.  They have to take a step back, and know God got them where they are.  

Proverbs 22:2 “The rich and the poor are all created by the LORD.”

Proverbs 22:4 “The reward for humility and fear of the LORD is riches and honor and life.”

Know to let your guard down and ride out the storm.  You will go places you have never been.

5. Trust and have faith

In the scary moment, you look like these days won’t go by any faster.  The days look gloomy.  The days are heavy and you feel like nothing is going to make it go away. 

You have to trust and have faith when you do this.  Everything becomes okay. Please do not be scared.

1 John 5:4 “Every child of God can defeat the world, and our faith is what give us this victory. “

You are perfect! You are amazing!  You were created with your talents! You are one of kind!  Open up your heart to the Lord and do not be afraid.

He will give you victory to you!  He will bring you out of your storm and make that storm look so easy once you are through it.

You may not understand that storm right now, and I get it.  There are many storms I’ve been in I do not understand.  Like one at the beginning of 2020.  Let me short story it for you.

I had been with a company for almost 12 years.  My husband told me, “I think you are supposed to stay home with Ember.”  This was a few weeks before my maternity leave was up. I was hit hard.  I thought to myself.  I never wanted to be a stay at home mom.  I always wanted to become the CEO of the company.  I am so career focused – not family focused. This was a storm for me and there are still days of storm as I am a stay at home mom. 

God was building me up and I still do not know the entire story, but I am here to tell you.  

We are making it each month financially and more! 

We are building glory in our family.  

We are building memories traveling.  

We are living tiny and experiencing a whole new world. 

It is all because in this leap of faith in a storm. I put my trust in God.  I trusted it was the right decision for our family. 

There are moments, I did not know if we would actually be able to change our habits of spending over $600+ to even $1,000 on food each month because we made a six figure income with the both of us. It was not something we had to think about.  But in all we went from that crazy food budget to less than $400 each month!  You can do it too! Go to our shop and find the tricks to how we did it with our meal planning 101.

You can come out of the storm with a win!

Like if you’ve grown through a storm.

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