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How To Change your Language about Money!

Have you had disappointments in your life lately? It could be the way you are talking about money in your life. We will share with you 6 ways on how to change your language about money to win positively with money and make progress in the world to have purpose!

How to Get Through the Rest of the Year To Set Myself Up for 2022?

Are you in a really hard season right now? The pandemic feels like it still here, and most people often said let me just get through the summer and now summer is over and it is almost the new year!  We want you to set yourself up for a better year next year and we have just what you need something to energize you, give you hope, give you excitement, and so just sit right here and read!

5 Steps to Keep You Going In The Middle of A Mess

Have you felt like you have been in a valley for a while? Have you felt like there is no end to this anxiety? Or the stress keeps rising? What about if you have not had a victory for sometime?   Does this sound like… Continue Reading “5 Steps to Keep You Going In The Middle of A Mess”

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