How To Change your Language about Money!

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Have you had disappointments in your life lately?  It could be the way you are talking about money in your life.  We will share with you 6 ways on how to change your language about money to win positively with money and make progress in the world to have purpose!

1. Choose to talk positively about money

I hate to break it to you, but no one goes anywhere in life if they talk negative about things.   If you tell yourself you are going to fail a test.  You probably will fail it. So it is the same with money!

I promise you! Change how you talk about money like this.

“I hate budgeting.” to “Budgeting gives me permission to spend!”

“I feel trapped when I budget.” to “Nothing steals my happiness when I budget.”

“I cannot do this.” to “I can do anything through Christ who strengthens me!”

“I will always be in debt.” to “I will be a millionaire.”

When you change your negativity language you will find yourself in better situations time and time again. You will amaze yourself, and when positive money habits start to form. Write them down and celebrate them! Do not lose hope!

2. Do not let your joy be stolen by money

Money is a tool to use in our society.  Just like how a basketball is a tool to have fun and learn how to have a little bit of fun while also exercising. 

Money allows you to learn and also have fun too.

When you are going through a valley or a hard time.  Think of it as a lesson and that you will be two hops forward in no time.  Do not be hard on yourself.  Give yourself a little grace and favor.  Valley’s are just lessons it is probably because the devil knows you are doing good and he wants to stop you.  (Hint: he will win if you don’t change your language about money!) 

Drowning in debt? 

Get yourself out just like you got yourself in it. I love this because I got myself in student loan debt, but I did not allow me being in student loan debt to steal my joy.  I learned to get up and go.  I mean I even moved all the way across the country without a job while I still had student loan debt.  This is crazy I know, but it was a good move!  People always say, “step out to find out.”  Sometimes you will find so much joy you did not even know! I mean I did, I became a stay at home mom because I financially could! You can too if that is your dream!

You just need to look at your positivity. What is positive in your life?  It does not even have to deal with money at all.  

  • Do you have a family who loves you? 
  • Do you have friends who loves you?  
  • Do you have a God who loves you? 

Yes, yes you do! God loves us all! 

3. Look at your last big purchase 

Adapt to how this influenced your life. It is not always the bigger and better lifestyle that you want. A bigger home comes with bigger house payment. A bigger home comes with a bigger tax payment.  A bigger home comes with more to clean. Plus the bigger home pry in the end will not make you even happier. Learn what we love about living tiny.

Same with a car. You want a bigger car or a newer car.  That new car feeling will come off soon.  It will have garbage in it. It will have empty drink bottles in it.  Pry dirty masks now just laying on the floor (Pandemic joke!)

When you make a big purchase or are in the midst of saving up for a big purchase.  Ask yourself. Is it going to make me happier?

Are you going to rise as a person or will it set you back?

Do not overthink about it. You got this!

4. Be together about goals

Take responsibility together. 

Marriage is hard, but so is divorce.  So choose your hard. 

Debt is hard, but so is staying out of debt.  Choose your hard.  Would you rather have people calling you to give you their money for the things you already bought? And have no clue what you even spent it on? Or would you rather save up to buy something that you dreamed of having?

“I cannot do this.” Let’s not say this remember…

We need to change our language to “We can do this together.”

“I am not happy with you.” to “We have each other to bring us happiness!”

He wants a boat and you want a new pair of shoes. Place them on your wish list and save up for them.  

Wish List Printable

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Anything over $100 you need to be together on the decision about purchasing it. 

My mom always told me to put a pros and cons list together and this is so true and it works!

Try it together set up a pros and cons list about the boat.

Boat pros

  • Have fun as a family
  • Be able to get outside instead of staying inside all the time

Boat cons

  • Take more money to gas it up
  • More headaches
  • Require maintenance
  • Cost of title and tags
  • Cost of the truck to pull it

Maybe with these expensive cons, there is a better way to spend time with your family and go outside.  Like staying in a campground and going to a campground with a lake to go swimming.  Going hiking at a national park.

Shoes pros

  • She gets to enjoy them
  • They will keep her feet healthy

Shoes cons

  • Only she benefits from the purchase
  • Shoes can be replaced easily
  • It is not on sale right now

There are both more cons than pros to the shoes too, so you have agreed to both wait on the purchases and come back to them.

5. Be willing to fight for the right thing

We all have responsibilities in life. It is our right to take action on the correct things we should do.  Do not focus on the bad things in life, but focus on the good things.

Agree to disagree.  It is okay.  We all have our opinions.

Agree to disgree.  Are you really going to be happier if you fight over money? Probably not. 

Agree to disagree.  Are you going to be any happier if you stay angry because you choose to be angry? No. 

It is the same with fighting over money.  Agree with somethings like spending less than you make.  Agree with savings up for big purchases and paying cash.  Agree about getting out of debt to not be a slave to the lender. 

Disagree about how much one spends on each other? That is okay. That can be normal.  If it hurts you to see what your spouse spends money on. You might want to take out enough blow money (money that each other get to spend — it’s in the budget!) for each other and agree on how much it should be.  Compromise.

Yes, compromise and make sure it fits in the budget. Maybe it is $75 each person or maybe you are really on a slim budget for the month and it is $25, but make that decision together.  That way the other person can spend their $25 on coffee if they choose coffee or a stop at the gas station for a drink.

Let me say this again fighting over money?  Try not to.

Bring your mind to something else. Compromise.  Give and take. 

Make things right by finding peace in the things that you have. 

Train yourself. Look back and find little pieces that started the love and happiness. 

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6. Change the right thing

Be intentional in your life.  It is easy to get off track if you do not make a plan and stick to it.  Maybe your plan is not the right thing.  Do you have a vision and are you changing the right thing in your life to move forward in a positive direction? Or are you changing something that is not really moving yourself forward? Find that “thing” in your life you need to change to be different than who you are right now!

Also, do not try to change the person you are trying to be into something negative, but positively change you to grow your networth. Change what you can do to make you grow and blossom into a flower.  Flowers are pretty, flowers are good, flowers, they are just happy!  They are given to people who want to be happy, they are décor in happy moments like weddings, and they spread a beautiful smell that makes us happy!  Be a flower! Lets go!

Let’s learn from these 6 ways to change your language about money.  It won’t be easy, but I know you can do it and I have faith in you!  It is ALL possible!  God makes all things possible with him. 

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