Preparing for a Baby on a Budget

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Surprise! You’re pregnant and now you need to figure out how you are going to afford this baby. I know the feeling of both being surprised and having a plan around when a baby is coming aboard your family. We want to show you that you can have a baby on a budget and be able to enjoy your baby when they come. Let’s jump in a prepare for a baby on a budget!

1. Only 9 Months to Save

When we were surprised with Ember, our baby number 1, we had to figure out how to save for 9 months. Luckily, both my husband and I were making money. We looked at our budget and figured out ways to cut costs fast. We removed an entire rent payment of over $1,000+ because well before we were married we were living in two different places. This helped a lot! You will have to figure out in your own personal budget where you will need to budget cut for 9 months. Maybe you are trying to live a bigger, better, and more lifestyle and we have just want you need to read to cut that out.

Maybe, you work more and increase your income.

We were able to both contribute to our health savings accounts (HSA) of the maximum $3,600 in 2019. Then we also saved up $2,800 worth of cash in our savings account by a few different side hustles and money we received from gifts — you know birthday money, surprise money that we weren’t expecting.

2. Make Date Night a Priority

You might be thinking, but I am suppose to be saving for this baby and not spending a bunch of money. I am telling you this from experience once the baby comes you will have no sleep. You will not be fully engaged with your spouse. You will be a different person.

Since you are able to without a kid or you can handle it with one kid.

Put it in your budget each week. $50 per week and do not feel guilty! You will thank us later!

We can even do your budget together in one of our 1:1 Remote Budget Coaching. Tell me you have a priority to save for a baby coming and we will help you get there!

1:1 Remote Budget Coaching

1:1 Budget Coaching Session – 45 minute budget sessions – Set up one budget – Follow up with one budget


3. Look on for Deals

Facebook marketplace and asking our family was the best money saving deal we could do. We personally bought our pack and play for $40 off of Facebook Marketplace. We received all our clothes for the baby as hand-me-downs. We received more than enough toys and items we needed from the baby shower.

Baby’s do not need as much as you think they do — we did it living tiny!

Wish I Wouldn’t Have

1. Bought Bows

We, well mostly me, bought so many bows and Ember did not even wear them. I was obsessed. I seriously followed every boutique online because I was supporting a small business and bought so many bows. Now they just sit there and collect dust.

2. Infant/Baby Bath

We bought an infant baby bath, and we used it once. My husband was there to help me give the baby a bath in the sink and no you do not need an infant baby bath especially if your spouse is hands on like mine. He helped me give Ember a bath every single time.

3. Baby Wrap

During my first baby, I did not use the baby wrap. I did not really find a need for it because it was just as easy to hold Ember and do the cleaning or the dishes or anything else I needed to do. I figured how to maximize the time she was sleeping and do things like get dinner ready while she was in her afternoon nap.

These helped me stay on a budget and I hope they help you stay on a budget to prepare for your baby whether it is a surprise or not. Congratulations! It is an exciting time! We pray you have an easy, smooth, boring pregnancy and birth! I prayed this prayer for months and I had Ember in 4 hours of my water breaking and all natural. Not because I choose to, but because she came too fast! I hope your birth experience is like that too because it is so amazing what our bodies can do!

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