Let us tell you 5 ways to create a new life for you.

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Let us tell you about this new life, God wants for all of us, it is the debt free life. This is something that is not what we planned on our own.  God was 100% behind it the entire time.  

During the scary pandemic, when we thought it was the hardest. Locked up in our tiny home with no friends, huge debt, and two jobs. He told us, Kailey, you should stay at home with your child and not go back to work.  I put all my faith and trust in him telling him even though I didn’t know how we would pay off our debt in one year, but with God all things are possible. I stayed positive. I stayed faithful. I stayed talking to God daily. Ask my husband, my journal was full in less than a year. I was building a closer and closer relationship with him. 

Save over 60% of our paycheck

Our new life, the debt free life, we are able to plan ahead our harvest.  

We still budget and no we are not poor. We have plenty of money. We have a six figure networth, and you can to if you follow and have faith in him! We save over 60% of our paycheck per month instead of having it go to payments and debt! It is the best miracle on this earth.

Nothing is better than living the life that Jesus died for us.

Give the impossible

Our new life, the debt free life, we are able to give over and beyond.

Show other people his blessings and kindness.  The month, May 2021, the month we became debt free as a family with our tiny home. We have supported so many small businesses and we do not even feel guilty doing it. We are giving them a light and a hope that they can build their empire and be out of debt too.  We supported a mom with her small book business.  When we receive a new client, we buy a book from her and give it to children to help the next generation.  

We are doubling the love of God when we get just one new client.

Pray Daily

Our new life, the debt free life, we still pray every day.

We still ask for forgiveness, yes we sin. We are human and make mistakes. But the real amazing thing is that the Lord puts ideas and dreams in our minds that seem impossible.  If you are thinking about them you are like no way? We will not be able to do this, such as, buy a house with cash and travel the entire country…city to city…spread the good news of our new debt free life. 

  • You can!
  • You will!
  • You can do the dreams and ideas he puts in your mind!
Teaching others

Our new life, the debt free life, we get to receive the joys to teach others the way God taught us how to get out of debt.

The tactics to be successful and to find positivity during the pain and the hardship in the middle of a mess. The ways to quickly get up and keep fighting the battle to get to the other side. God will part the way for you just like he did the sea. How do I know? Because he did it for us! When we thought we were going to have to add another year in pay off our debt, because of the pandemic because I gave up my career, God said, no I was just seeing if you would trust me.  I am going to still get you to pay off your debt by 2021. We kept knocking and knocking the debt down, and God rescued us just like he will rescue you too! If you want help, we can help you.  God uses us to teach people just like to how to get to this new life of the debt free life. 

1:1 Remote Budget Coaching

1:1 Budget Coaching Session – 45 minute budget sessions – Set up one budget – Follow up with one budget


We return and rebuild

Our new life, the debt free life, we keep following up with people to encourage, to let them they have people who will help them return to the lord and follow him.  

We want to encourage the building of the relationship. The rebuilding of the credit score. The rebuilding of the savings. The rebuilding of the life you can have.  We will always wish everyone well because they are capable of returning to this new life and building a life for themselves. 

As we mentioned at the beginning, of course, you will have hard times, and people will be watching you how to react.

People will want you to fail, but I want you to succeed!

They will think that you will not be able to get to this new life of the debt free life, but know that it is possible.  God doesn’t want you poor.  He wants you to help the poor by blessing them and giving so much to them.  He wants you to get to this new debt free life to be able to build a harvest. You will have to resist the devil and you can do it!

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