5 Ways To Bless Others

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This is the season to bless others with Thanksgiving and Christmas. Thanksgiving is all about being thankful and grateful for what you already have and Christmas is about giving and celebrating. Do you want to use your money to bless others? We love to bless others with our money and we want to share with you 5 ways we have seen in our own lives through us and through others. Let us share with you some of our favorite ways to bless others this season.

Did you know your money can be used as a blessing rather than a curse?

By making a meal for someone in need

We were able to see this when we were workcamping up in New Hampshire.  The campsite was flooded and with all the hard work the owners had did to ensure all the campers were safe and at a safe place (high ground).  The campers made a meal for the owners since they had be out managing the flood waters all day and night and trying to get the campsite back to normal. It was the thoughtfulness that went both ways that didn’t cost either of them that much.  

By gifting something for others needs

We are so thankful that we met someone along the way to be able to gift us her old jewelry items for her business to use for our business.   She has been in business for 37 years and wants to help us. This is a blessing from above.

Buying a card from someone with words of encouragement

Who doesn’t love to receive a birthday card or something in the mail?  Flowers are a great one to surprise people with too! Flowers always bring joy to people. We love to even on the road traveling receive things.  My sister and her kids sent me this amazing book that is about making our tiny home a home and I am so thankful for it. It is something I needed in this season. 

Buying dinner for someone who you go out to talk to give them hope and a friendship

We always love to buy dinner for our friends, but this time a new friend from church bought our breakfast and man were we thankful.  It made us right on budget that month plus we were able to be inspired before we left for our travels to know that this is really what God wanted us to go and do. 

Even going out with friends for a lunch makes your day better and you get to talk to them to encourage and make them more joyful. It is amazing what a little lunch date can do!

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Gifting your old car when you buy a new one or don’t need one

We have done this twice and it is the best feeling.  I gave my first car to my boyfriend at the time, and to see his reaction was delightful and made my heart fonder.  The second time we did this was when we were getting ready to go travel the country.  My father and mother-in-law were in an accident and totaled their car.  They needed a vehicle, but with the market everything was so high and low on inventory. We decided to give them our Subaru as a gift from us, and they were very grateful for it.  

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