5 Ways to Save for the Holidays!

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Has this year been a year or what? Let’s make the end of the year better than the middle of the year by saving for the holidays earlier than later. Come along with us as we share 7 ways to save for the holidays!

Holidays are always the best time of year. It is time to spend with family. Eat a lot of good food. Give gifts to your friends and family. Share blessings with each other. Be thankful and celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ! Last holiday season was a little different since we had to be social distanced and not travel too far, but let’s dive into saving money for this holiday.

1. Set aside money now

It is still early and you can still set aside money now.  You have many weeks until Christmas! With each paycheck until Christmas you will want to make sure you set aside a little bit of money. $100 for 8 weeks is $800 spending! Too much? Slim it down. 25 slots to fill in make it $20 per Christmas decor equals $625.

2. Look for Deals

This is my favorite.  

Looking for deals still may be a little different this year like last year as less people are buying a lot of items.  I want to share a few Instagram accounts with you that I follow that I love for a good deal or DIY.  @themoneysavingmom and @dayswithgrey.

Deals have even start earlier and earlier every year so start looking right when you read this article. The stores realize a lot of people are unemployed stilled, so they want to spread out the sale to allow for more time to shop. This also means that this helps you if you have not been affected by the pandemic last year or if you are employed.

Those emails you have been ignoring in your promo inbox. Now is the time to start looking at them for the holidays! Get the good deals and save money!!

Do not go too crazy though! Let’s stay within your means.

3. New year new goals! Try a new tradition! Only buying 4 items per child (Wear, Read, Need, Want)

My husband and I have agree’d we were going to do this.  

Mostly for me, because as you will read later on. I am my mothers child and I do love to shop for my kid.  We are going to stick to this plan for spending.  4 presents. One to wear, one to read, one they need, and one item they say, “I want”. This way it stays controlled and not over do it. Because I don’t know about you, but I only remember a few of my gifts I received.  I do remember taking a photo of all the presents I got for Christmas and posting them on social media.  Does anyone else? Or was it just my small town?

4. Set a budget for each child and track spending

Setting a budget can help you save money! No more of the mindless spending for each kid or losing track of what you spent on which kid.  I know, my mom used to do this! We used to have huge a Christmas!  But when you budget and track it allows you to have a purpose and planning always makes for a great way to save money!

Talk to your spouse and agree on an amount you can afford to spend. If it is $100 per child, then it is $100. Not $105! Do not go over.

5. Use Christmas envelopes and keep the receipts in there

A perfect way to keep track of your Christmas spending and save money while doing it is to buy printable cash envelopes and use them to budget.  You are able to keep the receipts in the envelopes and when you need to return for a bigger or smaller size. Woohoo! All the receipts are right there! Double Whammy! 

If it helps get an envelope you have around the house and put each kids name on a different envelope. When you buy something for one kid, place the receipt in the envelope and subtract from your budget. It will look a little like this.

Also, don’t let your kids find out that you do this either because they will be in your purse looking for what they got for Christmas! You could easily hide these envelopes somewhere and add to it once you get home.

I hide ours in our mail area, as no one ever looks where the bills are but me!

This way you will also have all the items together!

BONUS 6 and 7

6. Talk about giving instead of getting this Christmas

What a fun way to change the time of year!  

Look to give to a local charity or give your time to a food bank.  There has been a lot that has happened these last couple of years, so why not give to those who are in need.  If you are in need, there are still ways to give your time and the items you can repurpose around your home like the sweater you have not worn for years.

I promise you, that when you give you will be happier! You will feel the joy from the people who you gave to and you will be more like Jesus!

7. Don’t do gifts at all — another virtual holiday?

I understand what you are all thinking when I say that, but really.  My sisters and I have done this for a decade now.  My older sister was in college and I was in high school, and my little sister was just getting into middle school. We decided to not give each other presents, but just to enjoy each other’s presence. Now, we all live in different states and instead of sending gifts still we Facetime each other and enjoy each other this way. This is a good virtual transition to make. Make small changes, of course.

This will help you in your budget if you have not planned for Christmas gifts.  We do not want you to buy gifts and put them on a credit card and not pay it 100% off even with a 0% interest offer! This includes after-pay, klarna, affirm, and shop. These are ways that you can pay in payments to not feel the hurt of the $100 you spend.

Enjoy these saving tips for your holiday. Let us know which one you will be doing this year!

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