How to Get Through the Rest of the Year To Set Myself Up for 2022?

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Are you in a really hard season right now? The pandemic feels like it still here, and most people often said let me just get through the summer and now summer is over and it is almost the new year!  We want you to set yourself up for a better year next year and we have just what you need something to energize you, give you hope, give you excitement, and so just sit right here and read!

Seasons change often they are different for other people and not everyone is in the same season at the same time, but during the recession many people are found themselves in the same situation, the winter, season.  The hard season, the I am so lost season, I do not know what to do season, the I am never going to make it season, but let me tell you I have been there! 

It is hard, it is exhausting, and you just want normalcies back.

Control what you can

When life happens and you cannot control it, do not let yourself get all worked up.  Let it go and we know it is easier said than done, but we promise!  You will feel better! 

If you were laid off, it is not your fault.  

  • You are still a good employee.
  • You are still dedicated!  
  • You still have achievements that make you, you!  
  • You will be better for this season.  

In the moment, it is hard.  It is not easy, but take it and learn new things.  

Maybe, you became a stay at home mom like I did.  I never in a million years thought I would be stay at home mom.  I wanted to be the CEO of Kroger.  I wanted to be a millionaire. I wanted to be a successful women in the work force.  I am in the season with you, but I cannot control this season.  I have left it up to God.  I have asked for his path and to be content taking care of my little girl, Ember. I am a homemaker for this season. I am the fruit for our family.

You experienced kids at home doing virtual learning.  I didn’t know what that felt like, but I am sure it is hard.  It was not easy, and I hope you have found new things that you are able to control.

You can control where you do school.  

You can control what else your kids learn – money, finances.  

We love to follow on Instagram @kidmoneyacademy. You can search for a new normal for you.  Break that mindset that you cannot do it, because you can!  Some days are harder than others, but feel the accomplishment you have made since March!

Think of Giving as an Investment

It is a new viewpoint.  Do not skip over this point – you won’t want to miss it!

If you are tired of fighting and do not know where to go or what to do.  Have lost all hope this year. Try to take a new viewpoint on giving.  Think of it as an investment of your future.  Giving can be done by a bunch of different ways, time, money, stuff, etc. If you lost your job, while you are looking for a new job.  Try to invest your time helping out a neighbor or giving time to help out someone who needs it.  Block out a time – an hour a week – think of it as an hour wage ($10 an hour), but because you are not receiving pay.  You are giving your $10 to the community, to your neighbor, or to your friend.  

The best part is the investment you put in is going to be multiplied and given 2x or even 3x!  That’s how God works even with time!  

Say, you give when you are in need.  God might just give you an income that is 3X your original pay that you lost your job in the beginning! Can he really do that?  YES! I have seen it so much and it is a way to calm your storm.

We were hardcore failing at our budget the other month!

We did not know how we were $300 over our budget!  We had expenses come up we did not plan!

Guess who caught us?  God!  

He moved miracles into our life!


We work around the property to help our landlord out, and it is our time we are investing.  He “paid” us in reduce utilities only usually.  We had a credit built up, but thought it was for the winter.  Since utilities go up in the winter.  We were thinking okay we will get our budget back on track next month and make it work. Cut here. Cut there. Well, our landlord texted my husband, “You have $360 worth of credit of work.  You can apply it to this month rent if you want.”  We did not ask. We did not even think this would be an option!

That is how God works!  He makes things work that you never even think possible! 

Our investment, time of work, into the mans property/land was tripled by $360 of rent being reduced!

Sometimes when you do not know how you will make it work.  Let it go and find out how you can give. Ask “Show me how I can give to you Lord!”

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Establish new limits

This could be only allowing yourself an hour of mindless Instagram searching. My husband and I just agreed before coming together we did get on our phones before bed because we did not have each other next to us.  We used to talk on the phone until we fell asleep, but now we are just mindless scrolling.  Now, we learn to make each other a priority.  It is a new limit for us. 

Block scheduling is also another new limit you could establish in your household to keep you on task.  This of course will look different for everyone, but seasons change and your schedule needs to change with it.  One schedule we have had to established in our household is our time we go and walk.  During the summer, we would wake up early and go before 9 AM because of the heat!  But as fall has hit us and winter is coming, we now go to usually later in the afternoon or during lunch time to avoid other people at the park. Our schedule matters to us and I block out time to walk because it makes me a better wife/parent/budgeter.  It allows me to have a positive mindset and have my time to think of new ideas to bring to you!

New limits of eating out.  Maybe you are on a new skinny budget.  You have to slim the eating out down.  Look at the positives of only going out to eat once a month.  You will lose weight!  Since meal planning, not going out all the time and drinking too much beer I have lost over 30 pounds! Oops! Sorry, folks I am from the Midwest and we like to enjoy a nice cold beer! 

Enjoy your process

Since life is full of seasons and some season are harder than others.  Look at it this way, if you do not have a hard season how can you grow?  You grow when you have a hard season because most of the time you believe and your faith gets stronger because you do not know what to do.  You hang out and become better. So here until 2021 just enjoy the season you are in.

I am in the season of being a stay at home mom, and everyone tells me to enjoy this process and take it all in.  I am taking everyones advice even though it is simply hard for me.  I write daily to thank the lord. Thank you for this season in my life.  Thank you for growing me and building me up to be a great mother. 

Find how you can enjoy where you are at right now whether that is taking a walk each day, a quiet time with your cup of coffee before everyone wakes up, or even staying up 30 minutes to be thankful what you did good that day. 

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