Need help with your next shopping trip and your budget?

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Shopping is a habit for many people. It gives you joy. It gives you an emotional healing. It gives you happiness, but sometimes our shopping habits become out of control. Do your shopping habits become addictive? Do you do it out of emotions? Do you do it out of a bad day? Well good for you, you can learn from us these three easy ways to help you on your next shopping trip and your budget.

You will not find deal every shopping trip – not always true!

Say to yourself, “This is it. The shopping trip I am going to find a deal!”  

That is not how it works, but it can.

Sometimes God works magic in that way!!

Let us tell you a story:

A few weeks ago, we stopped at the markdown sections and did not find any goodies.  We ended up just leaving the store with one thing. Milk. We needed it, so we got it. 

Then one day we went on our regular trip to the store on Sunday to just see dad at work (He worked at a grocery store – Kroger). I wasn’t planning on buying anything…not even a muffin! It was rainy so we were not going to go to the park. Usually we go to the park, and have a breakfast in the park. It is fun and frugal.

Going inside any store, I always check out the markdown sections or the known places that have markdowns to see what kind of deals there are. Guess what, I scored… diapers and wipes! 

Hello Bello diapers for $6 for a 72 package…originally $29 each! 

Huggies Natural Care Wipes .50 cents…originally $2.00 each! 

This was me just walking by the markdown section! You never know what you will find!

It happens!!

Call me crazy, but putting in a good prayer before you go to the store and say, “Lord, help me find good deals that we need.” This works too! If there is nothing you need, God will make it possible to not have anything on sale or a good deal. Just walk out with the one item you went in for. It is okay! You will feel good about it!

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Find out what you’re willing to pay a little extra on when you find it.

For many people, you need to find your proper priorities.

Priorities for our family is being on the same team. I often call my spouse not because he is controlling, but in order to win in our finances I call him when I find a good deal and it is not exactly in our budget for the month. He does the same thing with me.

Be on the same team! 

For example, those diapers that I found a good deal on.  It was not in our months budget because we still had about 2 week’s worth of diapers at home. However, we could make it work because they were the next size up. 

Finding out what you’re willing to pay a little extra for in a budget will help save you long term. 

If we wouldn’t have purchased the diaper deal and waited until we needed them, we would have spent $103.96 on them instead of $24. Saving us $79.96 in our budget to put to somewhere else! That is DATE NIGHT for us or TRAVELING!

Give yourself grace

One month you will dominate.

Write it down to go back to it.

That is 100% what we do and it works!

Want to do it too?  Get our Bullet Budget Journal to try it too! It is only $2.99 on Etsy you can afford it! I promise you!

The next month when you are having trials. You will have to hold on tight that month.  Go back to those domination months to remind yourself of what you have already done.

Oh I love this part of my life, and God wants it to help you create peace in your life!  This many be the new thing you need in your life to help you on your journey. Let it be and try it. 

“I am creating something new.  There it is! Do you see it? I have put roads in deserts, streams, and thirsty lands.” Isaiah 43:19 

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