Tips to help you save money on your rent when you are in a bind!

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Discover the ways we have got out of student loan debt, moved across the country without an income for 3 months, able to be a 1 income household, and still love a life of traveling!  Here you will find tips and tricks to reduce your rent or mortgage to afford a life you want! 

1. Look into living with someone else

What are you crazy?  This is your first tip? I know what you are thinking, but I am seriously this helped me pay off $32,000 worth of student loans while still traveling, spending money, and creating memories.  It helped me save up enough money to buy my dream car with cash, 2015 Chevy Cruze, it’s not a Chevy Camaro but still! I even moved across the country without an income for 3 months! Most of these dreams happened because I had faith.

I remember when I quit my job and moved across country. God showed me in the clouds I was to go and not wait. My sister told me the worst thing that could happen was to have to move back home, and you guys it’s been 5 years! I’m still on the east coast!

You can start by either placing an ad out there for yourself asking for a roommate in your certain home.  

We have a friend who has a 3 bedroom home and they have an extra room they rent out.  They even have a family!  They loved the people they had rented to because they treated them like their own family. 

You can also start asking around within your friend circle or family or other network.  I did this when I was moving across the country so I knew I would be okay living with this family I had never met. It was a leap of faith here you guys!

Look for an ad on facebook marketplace or craigslist.  This is common too and easy to do if you are going to be picky, but it does work out.  I was not picky and found great roommates this way when I had to make a fast decision, and with the pandemic a lot of people are looking for unique ways to increase their income.

2. Have a family?  Move somewhere you can afford for a short term.

When you get out of debt or on your path to financial freedom, you have to do it step by step.  You need to do it little by little and continue to push through even if you need to move your family somewhere else.

We moved our family into a tiny living.  We have a baby, 2 big dogs, and my husband and I. We live in a 32 foot Thor Four Winds RV on about 40 acres of property for only $360 for rent.  We know it is only a phase for our lives, but move somewhere where you can afford.  If you do not want to live tiny.  Think about living in a house with family or friends.  Ask to help with food cost or something.  Look for a cheaper home to rent for a year or two.  Remember it is not forever just a step or like I like to say it is only for a season. A good stepping stone for your future. You may even end up loving it! 

3. Ask your landlord if you are able to work to reduce rent

Surprisingly this is a common one to do, and it works!  We did this with our utilities.  We told our landlord I was staying home with Ember and looking to move to work camp.  Told him what work camping entailed and you work to park your RV for free. He told us, “I would love for you to help me around the property and I will pay you/reduce your utilities. We took this offer up!  A few months ago, he even surprised us and let us go on paying rent for October! Win, win!  He is getting his lawn mowed by me 3 times a month, work on the drive way, gardening work, and storm clean up.  We are getting reduce rent and utilities! 

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4. Always give more and you will receive more in the end

This is the biggest advice that really does set you up for success.

There is so much freedom when you give more than you think you should give.  

It first makes you feel good!  I cannot say it enough – giving makes you feel so good!  

Just as we were helping our landlord on a 90 degree day because the storm washed out the drive way.  Let me tell you it was hot and long, and we were tired. We were sure he was going to reduce our utilities, but we did not even think he would ever reduce our rent or give us a free month!  God was on the move and we did not even know it!  We received more than we could ever even think of!  Especially, because that month we had expenses come up that were not on our budget and I was stressing.  I was stressing because we had to take out of our emergency fund. This little reminder to me and I hope you take it too.  Even when you do not know how a miracle is going to happen and you feel heavy and stressed and overwhelmed.  Give.  Find someone to give to whether it is time, $20 dollars, $50 dollars, or heck even bake something for someone! God will show up in crazy ways! He will be moving mountains you did not even know could be moved! 

5. Look into buying a home that is less than you are paying for rent.

In a case that you are still renting, say you are paying $1,200.  

You know you can afford this each month.  Do not look for a house that the mortgage equals exactly $1,200, but instead look for a home that will cost you $700 each month instead.  

This way, you can still pay extra on your mortgage, and pay $1,200 or save the extra $500 in a home emergency fund. Once you have dominated that home emergency fund. Go back to your mortgage and automatically set your mortgage payment at $700 and the extra toward principal with the $500.  You will be able to pay off your mortgage even faster and not feel overwhelmed or stressed.  You will be on top of the mountain!  Stand up and be proud!

6. Pray for a door to open and a door to shut

When we have waves coming at us higher than we know, we always look to God and pray. 

We were looking for work camping jobs all over Louisiana, Texas, and Utah.  God shut every single door for us.  We were so confused at the time, but looking back 9 months.  He was shutting those doors because there were hurricanes and fires. I am so thankful he shut these doors!  He then opened doors to great friendships to keep us knowing that he loves us!

You can do the same thing!  Be honest.  Tell God everything.  Do not be afraid! He already knows it all.  If you have so much debt, tell him!  Say, “Lord, help me not be a slave to the lender.” “Change my life!  Where do you want me to go? I will follow you!”

You are not too young or too old to do these things that you have discovered today. You can do anything.  We want you to be unstoppable and be able to reduce your rent or mortgage to love the life you live!  It is a journey and you are only here for a short time!  Do not let anything hold you back. Positive Thoughts!

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