11 reasons to Budget your Stimulus Check and how to start!

I often hear budgeting is hard, it is not easy. Budgeting takes time. I do not stay on budget, so why would I do one. Well I am glad you stated all these concerns because budgeting does take sometime, but it gives you control. It gives you a sense of peace, it gives you happiness, it gives you permission to spend money, and best of all it lets you build a future!

It takes 3 months to get your budget going, so do not feel like you failed after your first one. I have been budgeting for years and I still have times where my budget fails or have to change it. This happens! It is totally okay! Let’s go on and show you why you should start a budget today!

  • Coronavirus hit hard or another disaster
  • Family emergency came up and I could not afford it
  • I never thought I’d experience a hardship
  • You want to be a millionaire
  • You want to be a legacy for your family
  • You want to stop the debt cycle
  • You want to own your stuff
  • You seen people in the debt free community do it
  • You know you can have less fights in your marriage with a budget
  • You can make a difference by being generous

Where ever you fit in the above area, know you can start budgeting with the bullet journal budget tracker. Budgeting can change your life even if you have budgeted before and it did not work for you. Try this way of budgeting for 3 months, with easy copy and pasting, formulas already built in, and a guide for you!

If you are getting a stimulus check, start there! Here is an example for 2 adult checks and 1 child. Ensuring you have your 4 walls taken care of.

Giving a small amount of your stimulus check to a food bank, large tip for a restaurant, small business, church, etc. is good for the heart and it makes you feel good.

Your blessings that happened — Health and time spent with family. They are little things, but big blessing.

We did place a little bit in the savings fund because it is in our emergency fund incase we need it in the future because something breaks down.

As you can see above, we did not place any money in the spend a little you earned it because really the government is handing out money. This means you should probably not spend this money on clothes, because you already have clothes to wear and do not need the latest fashion. This also means you do not need alcohol, cigarettes, and random other party favors. My husband often in the past used to buy tattoos with his tax return money, but this is not the time to be using money to be buying things like that! We did not work for this money, and should be content with what items we have.

Hebrews 13:5 Keep your lives free from the love of money and be content with what you have, because God has said, “Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.”

The government is giving this money to us to give a little bit of an assistance. Give to people who need it more than us or pay the items we need to make it in the world such as rent, lights, water, etc.

If you want to spend money to support businesses, go ahead and support them but I believe this should be in your giving or your food budget. You will just need to stay within the budget you allotted. If we end up going to a local pizza place, we use the pizza as food money and the tip as our giving.

Of course, this will be different for everyone, but it gives you a little layout on how to start your budget with the stimulus check.

You can budget! Click Here for our bullet journal budget tracker.

Think of a budget as a blessing being able to tell your money where you get to spend it and not feeling guilty to put it on a credit card.

Want to better yourself in money, loving your life, and be more content. Subscribe and become a part of our family. I promise you, building a relationship with us will benefit you. You will look and feel so much better because you’re not stressing about money. You are not calling companies to ask to waive a fee or a late payment, but also starts with a mindset change too.

You will have fun with money!

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