Quarantined with a Baby in our Tiny Home

Our routine has changed like everyone else’s since being quarantined, but living tiny has its benefits with social distancing. We used to try to get out and about by just walking around stores and window shopping to avoid postpartum depression, but now we’ve had to change to keep us safe.

Here is our new schedule to help keep us positive and uplifted:

7 am – Wake up, diaper change, dress, feed

8 am – Decaf coffee, breakfast for Mom, Good Morning America and play time with Ember

8:30 am – Devotional and prayer with Ember

8:45 am – Quick Jazzercise workout/learn routines; Ember watches mommy dance practicing sitting up or nap time

9:30 am – Feed, diaper change. Take dogs outside to play. Enjoy outside to know its day time and we should stay up and not sleep all day.

10 am – Nap time

11 am – Feed, diaper change, tummy time with books open to learn colors, numbers, produce, seasons, etc.

Noon – Mom eats…if I remember

12:30 pm – Play time

1 pm – Nap time, dad comes home

2 pm – Snack, change diaper, play

3 pm – Take dogs outside, go for walk, be outside enjoying the fresh air!

4 pm – Quick nap time

5 pm – Eat, diaper change, settle down with cuddles and relaxation time while dinner is cooking

6 pm – Relax

6:30 pm – Get ready for bed time. Bath, PJ’s, read book, eat, prayer before bed.

7 pm – Bed time.

The benefits of living tiny during this quarantine are that we live off a property that is not in an RV park or state park. Most state parks have closed up and are only for day time use, so we have had a benefit to not have to pack up and move because of a new guideline. We have a walking trail down to a small pond, we can have a fire at our own fire pit, let our dogs run around without a leash, smell the roses, and even leave when we have to dump the tanks at our local camping world for free with a Good Sams membership.

We are not in a traditional house so it does not feel like we are quaratined. Our lifestyle encourages us to be outside often. Like our schedule shows we are outside in the morning and in the afternoon with the baby. Sometimes once we put the baby down for the evening we often start up a fire in our firepit to enjoy the outdoor as well.

As we have hope that this quaratine is lifted, we also want all to be safe and are willing to do what we have to. If that means keeping ourselves positive and still live our tiny life without traveling. We will be excited when we can take our tiny home back on the road and enjoy new parks, trails, and Gods amazing nature. For now we stay parked and enjoy our own paradise with a minimum budget.

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