Budget Break Down

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Want to know how to budget, but don’t want no one to know you don’t really know how? We have you covered!  You will be able to deep dive into your own budget step by step with us and you won’t have to tell anyone you do not know how to officially budget.  We will simply break it down for you and we won’t tell a sole.  You got this because knowledge is key.  You learned basic stuff in school and how to think and strategize, now let’s take what you know from school and learn the stuff they should have taught us in school. 

Bring me the Money! (Income)

We will call this section – bring me the money! This is your income. You are bringing in the money into your home. Think about all the money you could make from your job, career, or your side hustle.  You could also think about bringing in more money in areas you have not started to yet too think of things that you are really good at that people brag about you.  For example, I am a really good budgeter and people always ask me to coach them through their budget to make it work better for them.  My husband makes jewelry; he has a really great art talent and I am seriously jealous of!  My bestie she is really good at making candles and even canning vegetables.  Now ask me to do either of those two, I will tell you I will stick to paying her for those items. These are all ways to make additional money and reach your goals faster!

List out the name of your incomes and then the total right by it.  This will be the estimation of course at the beginning of the month. We have an attractive budget sheet if you would love to purchase it for $2.99 that you can use month after month if you would like. Get it here. (The bullet budget journal works for incomes that are weekly, biweekly, monthly, and even commission/entrepreneurial income)  

5 Minute Break Down:

Take 5 minutes and list your bring me the money aka your income. 

Why we take a 5 minute break down because in James 1:25 “…if you listen and obey, and don’t just hear (read) and forget.” this has taught me so much when I read blog posts, the bible, or even a good book that I must understand it and not forget it.  It is your way to listen, and take action right away to make a difference in the world. You are reading this post for a reason to either learn how to budget or to learn one nugget from us.  Have an open mind – it’s the best way to be a life-long learner.

Have an open mind – it is the best way to be a life-long learner.

Believe and Budget
Have an abundant (Giving)

In the world, to have an abundant life is to take, take, take, and keep it all to ourselves, but in God’s kingdom he wants us to give, give, give, and you will have an abundant.  This is why we call our giving section – have an abundant.  In Matthew 13:1 – 23, it is the story of the farmer and how Jesus used the story of the farmer to tell others about how to produce a harvest.  He said some seeds (people) will here the message and not understand. Some will hear it and accept it, but don’t last long because their behaviors will go back to the old. Some will hear it and then start to worry because they want to be rich. And the very best will hear and understand and produce a huge harvest. 

I want you to be the ones who hear how to budget and understand it to produce a huge harvest and to have an abundant life rather than budget to just become rich for yourself. 

Think of something you love. Something that you really value. What do you want to give value you in on this earth? What do you believe in? Deep in your heart believe in?  For me, we value the simple things we take for granted such as a job, clean water, and food to eat every day so something I wanted to add value in the world was a little girl before I had my own kid.  I sponsor a child, Mari, and she has been my world for the past several years. I get to spoil her, write to her, and encourage her. What else do we give to? National Parks, Church, gifts to others to make their hearts feel loved.

There is so much you can give to.

Believe and Budget

List out what you want to give to, and then take your income multiple by .10. This is the goal to get to and exceed.  Right now, you might think I am crazy.  You might even stop reading because you are thinking I cannot even afford my bills let alone give that much.  Remember that story of the farmer and how to produce a harvest.  It doesn’t make sense to give our income away in the world, but in God’s kingdom it does and when you start to you will produce so much more than you could even imagine!  Don’t believe me? Test it out for a month or three months and see what starts happening in your life.  If you give and have faith, you will see so much goodness come through you. I encourage you so much because I have seen it work so many times. Don’t be like a flower that will fade away, but be more like God who gives so much to us that he gave his only son. 

5 Minute Break Down:

Take 5 minutes and list your giving to be able to have an abundance in your life too!


This section on our Bullet Budget Journal is where we place all the things that have happened to us for the month that were blessings to us.  The harvest in our life.  We write these down to be able to come back to them to really be thankful for all the greatness in our life when our life is in the middle of the process and well we are in the storm. You know storms happen even to us. Storms happen because they are allowing us to grow and learn in the process and get us ready for the next level. 

5 Minute Break Down:

Take 5 minutes and write down all your blessings for the month.  You can do this for last month at the beginning of the month or at the end of the month.  I bet you have more blessings in your life than you realize.  Think hard about it. 

Make a plan and write it down (Savings)

In your budget, a very important thing to do is pay yourself first and save your money.  We like to include in our savings our investments too.  This is all in one, but not that it is even before our expenses or our bills.  Why do we do this?  Because when you make a plan and write it down it will happen.  God loves when we write down our plans and tell him it because then he will find a way to make it happen in your life if you believe it. 

This has happened us to multiple times. I want to share with you a few to inspire you. The first time, I left my job in Nebraska to move to North Carolina, I wanted to be debt free but I also wanted to pay cash for a car.  I wrote down Pay for a Car with Cash in my budget and the amount I could save, which was not very much at the time because well I just quit my job. I was making nothing, but then as I waited patiently I received promotion after promotion and paid cash for my car (my dream car). The second time, I left my career in Virginia to be a stay at home mom, I wanted to be home payment free and reach a net worth of $200k. I was making nothing, my husband was indeed bringing in the income and I had to learn not only patience, but submission to my husband. This is really hard for many women who are millennials. I am sure you can relate. Just like the paying for a car with cash saving goal, we reached the net worth savings goal too. 

Habakkuk 2: 2-3 “Write it clearly enough to be read at a glance. You can trust what I say about the future. It may take a long time, but keep on waiting – it will happen!” 

Now, here is what I want you to do.  Write down some big dreams or goals you want to achieve whether it is to save up for your wedding, retirement, car, boat, side-by-side, vacations, childrens future, medical, etc. Then go ahead and figure out how much you need total for those goals. Write that down. Then decide how long you are going to take on these goals (short, medium or long term). Write down how much you need to save each month in the section next to each dream/goal. 

When you do this you will see big things happen in your life. You will of course need boldness and courage with this step especially if you are used to doing this not at all or last after your expenses.  I used to say things like “I am to young to think about retirement, but then I thought to myself, no, no I am not. I can start doing anything I want.” Do not be afraid of big goals take the next step. Go and tell other people what you are saving for.  It will bring excitement to your life!  Next time someone asks, hey let’s go get manicures because I’ve had a hard day.  You can say, “Sorry, I would love to go, but I am saving up for my dream and I have allocated my money to that goal this month!  I would love to go walk at a park instead or you can come over and we can do our nails at my place.” If you need help, I will lend my hand to you and help you in our 1:1 Coaching Session.  We can talk about your goals, get you encouraged, and excited to reach for them. You got this! Let’s rise and rebuild a new way of budgeting!

1:1 Remote Budget Coaching

1:1 Budget Coaching Session – 45 minute budget sessions – Set up one budget – Follow up with one budget


5 Minute Break Down:

Write down your goals and save your money!

Pay your expenses (Bills) 

Yes, our bills are on the low part of our budget, but why is this? Do bills make people happy, no. It is a way the devil gets in our heads here on earth.  (well that’s truly what I believe!) I have seen so many people upset, sad, worried, and fearful from their bills and that is just not what God wants for you in your life. So let’s dive into your expenses.

We want to try to make your expenses the least thing on your worry list.  We want to minimize this so the devils not winning in your life. You might be in a little bit of trouble with your bills or they might be knocking you down, but this is no way to feel to give up on the matter.  We want you to know we will not let you down.  We want you to have a healthy budget and love your budget.  Let’s talk about expenses and how to name them. Have fun with it!

Mortgage – name it “My Castle” 

Utilities – name it “Let there be light”

Phone Bill – name it “Gives me friends”

Student loan debt – name it “Powerful knowledge”

Etc. you get the picture.  Name it something that you know and love and brings you joy.  That is why the Bullet Budget Journal is customizable because we needed something in our budget that would bring us joy instead of the feeling all we had were bills at the beginning of our journey. 

Other bills people often have are subscriptions, (Amazon, Body Builders, Hulu, Disney +, Netflix, Costco), cars, boats, RVs, toys, furniture, etc.

5 Minute Break Down:

Go ahead and write down your bills.

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Spend a little (You Earned It!)

This is where you will want to calculate how much you want in your blow fund. This is your “oh shoot” life happened category or well where you want to put money where you want to spend it on yourself. This is the category you really do need in your entire journey. If you skim it, you will have a rude awaking when you finally get to the next level because you will just go and get yourself back to where you were in the beginning. Debt!

Enjoy your journey and have some spending money!

5 Minute Break Down:

Be realistic in this area because you won’t want to say you are only going to spend $50 on something and then blow it out of the water and really spend $150! It will just make yourself feel bad and hate budgeting.

We do not want this! I do not want this for you!

I am so glad you now know how to budget! I am excited for you to really enhance your money journey. If you want to feel more confident about budgeting you can set up a 1:1 budget coaching session with me and I would love to work with you for the next 6 months! I personally wish I had someone to fast track me on my budget. It is so good to talk your budget out with a professional to really get the hang of it and progress faster!

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