How it feels to have paid off your home

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Ever feel like you cannot reach your money goals? We understand! We had been in exactly your shoes, and unfortunately we did not have anyone to really see that this is possible. No one in the tiny living community lives a budget life that we found during the middle of our journey. We tell you about our journey and how it truly feels once you have a home paid off!! We will show you how and why not to give up on your goals! The end is in sight for you and you will feel better about your life with these fabulous emotions coming your way! It is for the best! Get reading today to be inspired to reach your money goals like paying off your home!

1. The battle will end, and you will feel joyful!

The feelings of not being burdened with a payment for your home is amazing.  I never thought that we would get to this place when we were in the moment.  It felt like it was a battle.  It was more than a battle, but it was a battle with the mind thinking we will never get there.  The good thing is when we saw the horizon, and we reached it and it is so joyful!  We have opened up $1,150 to save and give now.  We love to bless others and even on our journey we fully believed in giving. But now we get to give so much more and see people have joy on their face because we poured out our hearts with more love. 

You might be in the battle too right now, but I can tell you through our story. We have been in your shoes. We know the battle is hard. It feels like you are alone, but let me tell you. You are not alone and you can do it! The joy once your done paying your burden is the best feeling ever!

2. The Final Destination – Excitement

The excitement in the last 3 months is unreal.  I kept praying and praying that God would make this goal of ours come true, and it really did. He made it come true, and even paved the path without any murphy’s knocking at our door.  I can only give the glory to God for the excitement that he has done for us to be able to pay off our home.

When you reach those last milestones of your burden, of your debts, and you are in eye sight of your final destination what you have been trying to get too. You will feel the excitement! You will know that it was not totally impossible like everyone tells you. You are amazing — keep going you can do it!

3. You will understand when it happens — A miracle

Most people believe that you will always have a house payment, and always be in debt.  However, God does not want you broke.  He wants you to be rich so you can bless the poor.  When you are rich, you can do so much more happiness with your money.  It is truly a miracle you guys, and you can be there too!

Yes, we have gone the nontraditional route of living tiny in an RV, but that is because of a few reasons.  We wanted to travel and see the world before we retire and turned 65.  We want our kids to enjoy the world and see the history and the world that God has beautifully created.  It is a miracle that we are all here and doing these things on earth.  We could not have paid off our home if it were not for the Lord guiding us.  He tested our faith during the middle of the storm.  I let go of my job in the middle of it, so we really paid off our home with on income!  Guess what, we aren’t even making 6 figures! You can make this miracle for yourself if you just believe!

The Bible shows us a bunch of miracles God has done, and he does them in your life too. Think about to when you did not think you were going to make it, and you did. When we believe and have faith, a miracle will happen for you too! If you have not seen a miracle, try spending some time reading the Bible or find yourself a good devotional. We have a 15 day devotional you can try to build your relationship closer to God here.

4. Memories Made

The memories we made are so unreal, and yes. We made this dream come true with in a middle of a pandemic! It was like God opened the sea for us to do this.  We still traveled all the time while we were paying off our home.  We found deals to travel. We still went out on date night and had fun. We did not let paying off our home deprive us of having fun! We even had fun on the holidays!

We choose how to budget our money and the actions we took by having us two help each other out during the tough times helped.  A budget sometimes means you get creative of how you spend your money.  We spend less food than the average person, but we still each like a champ!  I mean we had weeks we are even eating 3 meals with shrimp!  We eat a lot of salad and marked down meat yes, but you can too!  I think the best memories made during the journey is meal planning, because we were able to come up with meals as a family together that we all enjoy!  We specially made our meal planning guide for you all because we have many people who want the design of it.  Click here to get yours. The meal planning is so easy to use and helps you create less waste, create more memories around your dinner table, and it makes it fun to dominate your money goals! 

You can create memories while you are paying off your debt too.  One thing we love during our journey is we used our bullet budget journal to track all of our blessings and the blessings we were able to do for other people during our journey. Remember it is not all about the money, but it is about the last memories and the legacy you get to leave for the earth. 

Yearly Bullet Budget Journal

This will help you get a head start on your yearly budgeting. Planning for your new year, start today with this budget journal! Planning for a vacation? We know you planners will love this budget journal! You will be able to change your life with it! All formulas are already included! You will feel financially free. You will feel a sense of worth! You will find it is easier to budget with this yearly template all put together for you! Choose the right budget journal for you! We have made it so easy!


I hope these 4 points of feelings gets you hyped up to pay off your home too!  It is the best feeling and accomplishment we have done with the Lord.  Because he who has died for our sins has made this journey possible for our family and I am sure you can do this journey too! He wants you to come up with a plan for his money and he puts big dreams into your mind for you to achieve so do not stop where you are! Even if you find the times difficult, you will learn the most during that time and get stronger! 

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