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How it feels to have paid off your home

Ever feel like you cannot reach your money goals? We understand! We had been in exactly your shoes, and unfortunately we did not have anyone to really see that this is possible. No one in the tiny living community lives a budget life that we found during the middle of our journey. We tell you about our journey and how it truly feels once you have a home paid off!! We will show you how and why not to give up on your goals!

2 Year ANNIVERSARY of Living Tiny — We STILL LOVE IT!

We want to share with you something that is not common in the United States, but is growing more and more popular – tiny living.  We took the plunge and wanted to live our dream early rather than waiting until we were 65 years old. As I am writing this, well a little late, but our 2 year anniversary of tiny living has passed us up and we are excited that we have made huge financial moves too. Cheers to our 2 years anniversary of living tiny! We share how living tiny has helped us financially, and living tiny could help you too! Let us show you what we have done to hopefully inspire you too!

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