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Family is important — Flying doesn’t have to be expensive!

When moving away from home, I knew I would have the expense in my budget of flying at least 2 to 3 times a year. I have found the best ways to save money to be able to see family and not have a huge expense.

Start to save money to visit family and traveling!

What to do in Zion National Park while on a Budget?

Zion National Park — you think it is said “Ziii-on, but it is really said “Ziiin” trust me! The locals will know you are not from there is you say it out it looks. Say, “Ziiin” it is like the O is not even there. But let’s get to what to do in Zion National Park on a budget. We travel frugal, tiny, and love to show others how to do it too!

2 Year ANNIVERSARY of Living Tiny — We STILL LOVE IT!

We want to share with you something that is not common in the United States, but is growing more and more popular – tiny living.  We took the plunge and wanted to live our dream early rather than waiting until we were 65 years old. As I am writing this, well a little late, but our 2 year anniversary of tiny living has passed us up and we are excited that we have made huge financial moves too. Cheers to our 2 years anniversary of living tiny! We share how living tiny has helped us financially, and living tiny could help you too! Let us show you what we have done to hopefully inspire you too!

Roadtrips Season Coming after the Pandemic…Savings, Tips, You Name it!

Roadtrip season is coming because everyone is ready to get out of their house, their neighborhood, and relax elsewhere. Spring is here, summer vacations, and who has extra money to splurge? Some people and we even hear a lot of people are using their stimulus check to travel. We love to traveling on a budget and saving money.  We want to share with you some of our savings tricks and tips to help you and your family save this season.

Traveling tips while paying debt

Traveling improves your health. It is important to travel when you are paying down debt. Meeting new people brings joy. Getting away from the hustle at home helps you relax. Technology is at our finger tips and having less of it helps us reconnect… Continue Reading “Traveling tips while paying debt”

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