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What is the importance of building an emergency fund?

Everyone has their own experience with money, and I can only tell you from what I have actually experienced my self.  I am going to tell you nice and loud that it is so important to have and build an emergency fund.  If you take out of your emergency fund, build it back up.  The storm will happen. It has happened to us. It has happened to our friends. It has happened to everyone because we are human.  Let us tell you a secret you will be able to be safe and self-insured that you won’t have to get into more debt or get into debt at all. 

Family is important — Flying doesn’t have to be expensive!

When moving away from home, I knew I would have the expense in my budget of flying at least 2 to 3 times a year. I have found the best ways to save money to be able to see family and not have a huge expense.

Start to save money to visit family and traveling!

How to spend less on your groceries per week

Groceries can be expensive.  Raise your hand if you have ever spent more than $200 a week for groceries and thought what did I buy?  Raise your hand if you have ever gone to the grocery store and bought a car full of groceries, and got home and your kids said “We have no food!”.  Yes, it happens to us all, but I know you can spend less on your groceries by learning how we shop and put a hard stop on both of those questions.

3 Steps to Improve your Grocery Shopping

Parents who just need to take time for themselves and pamper themselves. A mom who wants to get nails done for themselves. A dad who wants to buy a new game for themselves to play. It is a blessing. This is the power of 3 simple steps and I am so grateful to share these with you that have been powerful in my own life, but how I know they going to be powerful in your own life too. Be proud of the things you have overcome the most! The process you are in right now…improving your grocery shopping.

10 Top Ways to Keep Produce Fresher

Want to keep your produce fresher when you go to the grocery store and get a week or two weeks of groceries? With my husband being a produce manager and myself working in the grocery field for over a decade, we have learned a thing or two from our customers and being in retail life about produce freshness. You won’t want to miss these 10 ways to keep your produce fresher!

How Do I Budget?

Don’t you want to dance? Don’t you want to love? Don’t you want to be happy? Don’t you want to not fight about money? Or even better do you want to be on the same goal as yourself or your spouse?  If you do, and want to learn how we budget stick around.  We have simply learned how to budget through trial and error and want you to learn from our experience with this routine.

How I failed to make a list and still went to the grocery store!

I failed and did not make a list when I went grocery shopping and still stayed under $65 for 9 meals! You might be thinking…how the heck did you do that? Well…I might have been going in the wrong direction when I made the choice to do it. But I needed to waste time and knew we needed food at home. I will teach you how I did it so you can do it to with these tips!

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Grocery Shopping Tips by Area in the store

Already been pinning grocery shopping tips? Let us share some tips that made us go from $200 per week to less than $100 per week! We will break it down by each area of the grocery store. Center Aisles…I will come back to this… Continue Reading “Grocery Shopping Tips by Area in the store”


Be a HERO for your budget and do DIY. Take in effect of everything around your house.  Haircuts and Hygiene  Instead of going to the spa, do your own nails. It is as easy as nail polish remover and nail polish!  I am sure you have some… Continue Reading “SAVE MONEY by DIY”

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