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5 Frugal Hacks On Places To Stay For Vacation!

Think you cannot go on vacation while you’re paying debt? Believe it or not, you can travel and pay debt! Check out these 5 smart ways to save money while staying somewhere other than your house!

How I failed to make a list and still went to the grocery store!

I failed and did not make a list when I went grocery shopping and still stayed under $65 for 9 meals! You might be thinking…how the heck did you do that? Well…I might have been going in the wrong direction when I made the choice to do it. But I needed to waste time and knew we needed food at home. I will teach you how I did it so you can do it to with these tips!

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Ever wonder how to save money for thanksgiving dinner? Want to take out the stress and the burnt meal? Let us show you these 5 ways to save you time and money this quarantine thanksgiving.

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