How Do I Budget?

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How do I budget? 

Don’t you want to dance? Don’t you want to love? Don’t you want to be happy? Don’t you want to not fight about money? Or even better do you want to be on the same goal as yourself or your spouse?  If you do, and want to learn how we budget stick around.  We have simply learned how to budget through trial and error and want you to learn from our experience with this routine.

Here’ what we do:

1. Update our spending tracker. 

Our spending tracker looks like my closet.  It is color coordinated! We track all of our spending for the month to ensure we don’t have any weird transactions we did not make! You know it does happen! 

Having a spending tracker will help you see where your money is going.  Even though I consider myself a budgeting pro, I still find this the best deal for my life in order to save money.  If you have been budgeting for awhile, sometimes it also helps someone else looking at your budget to help you.  We can do this with a budget coaching session. Check out this HOT deal!

6 Month Budget Coaching Package

1:1 Budget Coaching Session – 45 minute budget sessions – Set up one budgets – Follow up with one budgets – $99 PER MONTH DEAL (Originally $159) – 6 month commitment


By submitting your payment, you agree to the Terms and ConditionsRefund Policy and the Agreement Policy.

2. Update the budget for budget date night. 

Budget date nights are fun because we treat ourselves.  We have pizza and beer at home. Make it for an easy clean up and just have to pick it up. 

Whoever is in charge of your budget, make sure this is a routine for them.  Get used to it too! You will be saying hallelujah! Along with updating your budget, you will want to create a fun routine for budget date night. It will be different then ours probably, but you can do your own thing.  

Some make it a routine to have their favorite drink, their favorite pen, and their budget worksheet. Others want to enjoy a place outside of their home so they go to a coffee shop or a restaurant for happy hour. You pick, but make it fun and mark it on the calendar!  

3. To make finalizing the budget EASY! 

Since there is only a week until finalization and our budget meeting.  It makes it easy on my part to finalize the budget. 

You might be like me and want to make budgeting easy peezy.  We made it easier also by using the Yearly Bullet Budget Journal

4. Calculate our networth! 

This is the best part to watch us meet our goals.  Watch our networth increase because of compound interest, and all that goooy stuff. (if you don’t know your networth – I highly suggest you join in on our next Back to Basic Course!). We will teach you our favorite part! 

Knowing your networth is the fun part of budgeting. You get to see your numbers increase by watching your debt decrease and your savings increase.  If you are a visual person, this will definitely help you keep your head above the water. If you are a numbers person, this will help you too! Find a way to track your networth that you love! 

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