Traveling tips while paying debt

Traveling improves your health. It is important to travel when you are paying down debt. Meeting new people brings joy. Getting away from the hustle at home helps you relax. Technology is at our finger tips and having less of it helps us reconnect with our loved one’s.

Lets get into the traveling tips while paying debt off.

Tip 1. Budget for it.

Budgets don’t always have to be about putting 50- 75% of your income towards debt. A little secret…you will more than likely get burnt out because you feel like your not having any fun. It’s like placing all your eggs in one basket.

Go ahead and start a vacation fund. Put in 10% of your income into the vacation fund. Budget for a vacation. It is okay to do so especially if it makes you happy. Life is about enjoying the journey, but also not spending money like the Jones.

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Tip 2. Travel close to where you live.

I bet you have not been to half of the tourist places close to your home town. Check them out.

Another tip is to google places to travel within a couple of hours of your hometown.

For example, we live in Virginia so we have traveled to places like the Shenandoah mountains, Washington DC, Virginia beach, and North Carolina just to name a few.

Tip 3. Enjoy the wilderness

This is a cheaper way to create memories with your friends and family plus usually you can find some education on the adventure. Learning on the adventure, whether it is historic landmarks, wild flowers, plants, animals, or odd rocks. Wilderness may not be for everyone, but it is way cheaper than going to an amusement park or shopping in a new town.

Tip 4. Alternative Overnight Stay.

Usually a hotel, in the city can get quite expensive. My friends and I have always split an airbnb or stayed at a friend of a friends house. These are reasonable options when staying overnight. If we cannot find anyone, we split a hotel but travel during the week. My husband and I recently travel a lot to enjoy the outdoors and as you guys know we live tiny. We pack up our “house” and stay at campgrounds. When my husband looks for places to stay, he loves state parks because they have all the same bells and whistles and are most of the time half the price.

Tip 5. Search Deals.

Deals can save money and help you explore the town you’re traveling. Even when traveling to Florida from Virginia, we search Groupon, Living Social, and other deal sites to get the experience of the town while saving. You can also do this with things like dinner. Happy hours are a huge money saving tactic for many!

Hope even though it’s back to school season, take these tips get started preplanning, and plan out your fall and winter travels for your health. To stay active, and happy!

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